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What a terrible 4th of July week

I have no interest in Procerat or its ingredients.

Very upset that there isn’t a Legendary or Unique attempt like the last two years.

What a joke.

I can deal without the legendary or unique attempts if there was even a color theme (Red, White, and Blue)


What did you expect? Ludia to make an effort???

They simply copied last years lineup and went with that. No effort needed for that.


Its identical to last year - except they got the graphics right this time


I see no harm in catching erlikosaurus. I can almost get it to lvl. 19. We also had a legendary two weeks ago and a unique 3 weeks ago or it might have been the other way around.

Guess they really don’t want anyone out darting except those that need the epic dna

i would’ve been nice for them to make it exciting this week considering the past few were just the movies.
bit i can still go for erliko and the like.


Great. Yoshi and orni this week. Not only that but procera is one of the rares in the defense missions


I think Ludia straight up has stopped caring about jwa. It’s evident. They haven’t updated it in forever and they’ve been teasing an update for over a month. The events lately have been trash as well


ErikloG2 is the only thing I have any interest in.


Well, looks like I’m darting Erlik and Erlik Gen 2 this week, since I don’t care at all about ProRAT. Keep trying to shove it down my throat, Ludia, I’ll just dart the other, more interesting creatures.


Ugh, so boring. This is exactly why I am inches away from quitting. The only thing I could actually go for is ProRat. This is a lazy reused week when they could have done something better and different. Might as well quit right now, there’s nothing worth playing for anymore.

Copied last year event. :grin::rofl:

So, Phorus, Erliko g2 and Yoshi for me. Erlidominus is finished.

I’m quite happy with Erliko though it is a bit poor

This basically sums up all the events. Apart from special weeks when was a new creature added to an event? 1.7 with Elasmo added to Armour week?

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No pyrritator :cry:

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Basically what people see: “Oh, Erlikosaurus, nice.”


And they actually spelt Procerathomimus as Proceratomimus for some reason


Only erliko gen 2 can’t be bothered with procera or erliko the rest are trash

I guess that’s one good thing to come out of this week


Fingers crossed for the patch notes. If they wait till next week I’ll be really salty.


Been waiting for a sarcorixis epic strike. One of the best parts of the week sadly. (Surprised there is no pyroraptor)