What a waste

If i only knew how to contact support

I’d been saving my runes up for the big dragon draft but lo and behold there’s no confirmation button so when my cat ever so lovingly knocked my hand into the wrong button all of my runes were spent with nothing I can do about it

One of very many issues that the developer isn’t bothering to fix in a timely manner. Let’s hope the next update addresses this problem.

The next update will address that issue and provide a confirmation button to avoid accidental purchases in the future. I’m sure support could help with the purchase?


I’m really sorry to hear that happened, @Raisengeki. Our next game update will add a confirmation button for transactions over 20 Runes. There is more information on Marcus’s thread here: [Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.5.11)

Is there any way to get some compensation
I filled a support ticket and i spent so long grinding for those runes dx

We can’t give out compensations on our end, but if you had already contacted our support team, they could take a look. :slight_smile:

They give you half the runes and that’s about it.

Half are better than none!
They did refund me half at least