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What about a GEN 2 hybrid?

How about a GEN 2 Spinonyx?


Another one

We’ve been waiting a long while for an Alankylo hybrid. I’d be seriously disappointed if it ended up being another turtle hybrid :neutral_face:


maybe swap spino gen 2 to OG spino. Also, since there’s Spinoyx Gen 2, does that mean there’s an Erlikospyx Gen 2, made from OG Erliko and Spinoyx Gen 2?


Actually I think both hybrids are waaay too OP .

No 1 has 2 fierce rampages, which even Mortem Rex doesn’t have

No 2 has even worse :a rampage and a devastation. If it does come out, no cunning creatures will be of any use

Maybe you should replace fierce rampage with ready to crush, and take away resilient rampage

Ok thx for suggesting!

You are very welcome

Does this look better?

Now that’s more like it

The another one

That looks at least a little more normal than the original

I just made a new one

Ludia might actually use the idea

Thx and how’s this?

At least dilophoboa can have a partner

:rofl: LOL That’s crazy

If they have a kid :scream:

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Even Indoraptor will have a hard time fighting with it

um spinoynx does, it has definite rampage and precise rampage which is worse than having two shattering