What about all the flying dinosaurs?


Where’s all the flying dinosaurs? Are we going to see them come into the game? It’s not Jurassic Park or World without the flyers.

More Dinosaurs

I imagine we will see them make an appearance in coming patches. But they need to be careful as to what they start to add.

As if we get flying dinosaurs, people may then start demanding water based dinosaurs and that would just be a pain to code in arenas, where a section will need to have water on one side or on both.

But for now just be patient and we’ll see what dinosaurs will come in the future :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m sure Ludia has plans to eventually roll out the pterosaurs and marine reptiles. These things take time.


They have added water dinos like crocodiles and lizard type dinos as well as spinosaurus


Crocos & amphibians are not dinos, neither Pterosaur. Ichthyosaur. Plesiosaur and Mosasaur.
But lots of them appeared in movies, so deserve to be released in this game.


That is indeed correct @XxBlueN1njaXx, but they are amphibian and I’m referring more regarding fully water based dinosaurs like the Mosasaurs or Plesiosauria


They can add them immediately I suppose. It maybe they want to do a major change whereby the Pteradactyls must be caught as they fly across your screen. Probably requires major coding issues and it already takes up a lot of space.


Marine reptiles (not dinosaurs) will probably have a separate arena of their own.


Thanks Lydia for such a great game… I love this game… I have a suggestion, ludia, you may put water and flying Dinosaurs in game, Jurassic world Alive… If you do this game will be more awesome and great… AGAIN THANK YOU