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What about giving use to EXP and Level again?

Being playing almost from the release of the game, many of us reached level 20 in the first year or so… May vary on the time and effort invested every day.

It would be nice to be able to reach level 30…40…50…

More creatures are released, time is finite and extra DNA on darting would be really useful.

Now Ludia introduced multi Fuse I’ve seen like thousands of XP thrown directly to trash when leveling Suchotator for example. No use, no profit from there, no gain.

Rest of players… What are your thoughts on this?


Yeah that would be awsome :ok_hand:t2: Also give that exp that we have already waistet too those lvls :ok_hand:t2:


I agree need more levels above 20

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for many months, every fuse i see xp ballons going to top corner… for nothing.

pathetic. :man_facepalming:


The amount of DNA and coin needed to get from 20 to 21 would be eyewatering if they kept the same scaling but I am all for this; perhaps beyond 20 the DNA/Coin requirement could remain constant :thinking:

maybe a XP reset update?
“XP 2.0” :see_no_evil:


I’m not sure you thought this through. With all the amounts of dna everyone saved up, and coins, most of the top players can instantly level to the max with a few clicks of the multifuse button. These players will then get another 100+ dna per darting session on epics and rares, increasing the gap even more.
What would be the point?


maybe a complete redesign of this xp system.

but a simple update should be good for “normal” players.

top players will always be top players.
im really not worried if someone is riding around the city 16h/day and/or buying every store offer. let them there.

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I disagree. With increased levels, the amount of DNA per dart would have to increase too. Now imagine being level 50. That’d be like 70 DNA on a common per dart.


So, What was the point of having to raise level from 1 to 20? An excuse to buy upgrade incubators at a “really-super-duper-incredible offer price”?

In that case, allow players to obtain max DNA from the beginning of the game…

Reaching level 20 doesn’t take that much if playing regularly.

I understand your point but once you reach " End game" Levels there is no other reward than daily incubators and prices from tournaments…

Maybe upgrade in coins obtained from stops every level gained would be nice.

I suggest superhybrids for level 20 players to unlock only. Might bring some fun to the highest arenas as well. Creation level 25 to created only by 2 uniques level 24 :blush:

They could always add a feature that converts the wasted XP into some sort of benefit for the player…DNA, interactions, DinoBix or whatever or even skins…kinda like FlyBuys only DinoBuys.

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