What About Improving The Level Unlocks?

So im new to jurassic world alive only playing for about 3 weeks so im at a mediocre level of which being 9 now im fine with not being a high level but what i wonder is why does multi fusion unlock at such as late level!? what about it unlocking at level 15 instead of 17 as level 17 is way to close to end tier to count as mid game it should unlock at level 5 10 or 15 because thats when unlocking hybrids happens at its prime meaning being able to pop more than one at a time is at its most useful! Not only multi fusion but boosts unlock at level 10 which I find to be slightly more reasonable but it could still be a lot earlier as im in a weird limbo where im not at the level needed to utilize boosts but others i battle being level 11 or more can so what if we lower the needed level requirements.

I agree, my level 10 account could sure benefit from multi fuse.

My guess, new players would over level the commons, rares and epics, wasting DNA that is useful later game.

Well At The Moment In Time For Them The DNA Would Only Have That As A Use And Using The DNA Will Let Them Level Up But I See What Your Getting At

If you boost dinos at an early level we’ll it be stronger than a dino that is boosted away a higher level when that dino reaches the same higher level?

No It Shouldn’t Be It Should Just Stay The Same Bonus Throughout Like A Level 1 Boosted Level 1 Lythronax Should Have The Same Stat At Level 10 A Level 10 Level 1 Boosted Lythronax.

Don’t invest much time to this game…ludia is destroying it more and more

I Personally Disagree :upside_down_face:


But it’s the truth

if there wasnt a 10 character minimum all i would reply with is


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Thank you Mason64!

No Problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless it’s a legendary or unique, you’re wasting boosts. The exception is if you plan on quitting the game before you get to the higher levels, or if Ludia implements regular boost resets.

To re-allocate your boosts, you pay a 50% penalty.

My alt account is level 10, people are applying boosts to dinos that will no longer be relevant by the time they rise 2 more arenas, they will have to either abandon the boosts when they bench those dinos, or pay a 50% penalty to remove them from the irrelevant dino and place them into a new dino. Rinse and repeat until they get to end game.

Personally, I’d save them until you start getting uniques and meta legendaries.


There are still some issues but the game is getting better.

It means that you get to play what you have for longer rather than throwing everything into levelling up into a hybrid that might be too powerful for where you are at your level.

oh ok thanks for telling me