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What about more push notifications?

I’d like to get more push notification by the game, so we can always be advised when something happens when we’re not playing, this would be very useful in my opinion.
I only receive notifications when alpha has arrived and when Ludia support answer us.

I suggest notifications when:

  • Breeding time ends
  • Eggs are ready to hatch
  • Buildings upgrade time ends
  • There are new available events to play
  • The restart of a trust point event is free
  • Alpha is defeated
  • Alpha escapes
  • Free Basic Dragon Draft is available
  • Exploration and Clan energy is full

And of course something related to Arena mode!

Players, if you wish to add something on this my list don’t hesitate :wink:


I get notifications for alpha being defeated.

Strange, I don’t also if in game options all notifications switch are on

There is also one for spawning

Gonna pipe in here in saying I get push notifications as well for both Alpha spawns and defeats. As well as building upgrades being complete, I believe.

I…want to say I get one somehow involving trust events as well, but I really cannot for the life of me remember the specifics of it. I think I only saw it once. So it might be a buggy one on my end?

I have no idea, I ever got the 2 notifications I wrote before, maybe if I change language something will change…?

I’m honestly not sure on that one? As of late my phone has been doing this thing where I don’t get notifications until I unlock it and then suddenly it’s like ‘oh bythEWAYHERE’SWHATYOUMISSED -insert 20 notifications all at once-’ and I just havn’t been bothered to look into it yet.

So, on that note, I don’t have any confidence in speaking on the matter if it’s a phone issue or an app issue. I mean, obviously I’m pretty sure mine is a phone issue lol. But ours could be pretty hand in hand. So when I get more information I’ll come back and let you know what I found out?

I’m sure you know the whole ‘you can always contact support’, because maybe others have had this issue before too, and they do know what to do on the matter, but I also know that their response might take a while because of backlog. So I’ll just drop this here just in case.

Are you an android user, by the by? I thought you might be, but I want to double check.

EDIT: Righto. Here’s what I got:

These are all Possible Fixes, by the way. Take these with a grain of salt and keep in mind that I’m not actually official Ludia support. I’m just doing the best I can with personal knowledge and the power of google. The vast majority of these didn’t even apply to me because I’d already had these options already at the advised settings.

  1. Clear the app’s cache: I know, I know. I repeat that all the time. It’s a big bad basic go to. Doesn’t always work but it sweeps out the cobwebs.

  2. Have WiFi set to ‘Always On’: Settings --> WiFi --> those 3 dots in upper right corner --> Advanced WiFi --> ‘Keep WiFi On During Sleep’ --> Always

  3. Turn off Restrict App Background Data: Settings --> Data Usage --> Titan Uprising --> make sure ‘Restrict App Background Data’ is turn off

If you are an Android Oreo user, this will look a little different.

  1. Turn off Restrict App Background Data: Settings --> Data Usage --> Titan Uprising --> make sure ‘Unrestricted Data Usage’ is turned on.

  2. A clean reinstall of the game: IF you have your account connected to google play or facebook or similar. Write down your support key just in case. It will make it quicker and easier for support to reinstate your game progress should something go ~horribly awry~ but it’s unlikely it will. Better safe than sorry. Sometimes a clean reinstall is just needed to kick it into gear.

I’ve seen other people mention use of 3rd party software that fixes push notifications, but I personally have not used any and do not endorse use of them myself. I think that’s a bit of an extreme fix and pretty bloatware-ish to bog down a system with an app specifically made to fix another app. It’s similar to mods merely in that it’s capabilities run in the same vein, but personally I think that’s where the similarities end. If you feel you have to, and it works for you, I’m glad! But the choice is yours, and would be of your own volition.

I do hope one of these helps in some way. If none of them do, I am sorry :pensive: I would be at a bit of a loss, software wise. It would pretty much be in the hands of official Ludia support, or the hardware of your phone itself.

Good luck!

Second EDIT: Okay so I just got a push notification for the event restart. Just ‘Free Event Restart Available!’, so one does exist. Hope that helps!

I tried everything, nothing happened…

I only get notified about Alpha spawns and ready hatchlings.

I had to block notifications as I kept getting them from a previous clan I was in

Dang…I’m really sorry, I don’t know where else to go from there save for what I said before about support and/or it being a possible hardware issue. All the sites I checked gave those same suggestions, and it seems to have fixed my problem with delayed notifications. I was just really hoping it would do the same for yours too.

Though, and this is a really basic, bare bones possible fix, but what might do the trick is going into the game’s settings, turning off all of the notifications, restarting the game, turning them all back on again.

I’ll be a bit huffy if that works because it’s really a ‘did you try turning it off/on again’ situation, but hey. Sometimes the simplest solution works.

@Featherwing, you get notifications for ready hatchlings? I feel like I might have at one point…but if I did it was forever and a day ago.

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@Mysterious I see… Yeah, I get notifications for those. But except for hatchlings and spawned Alphas, not anything else. Perhaps I should try following your advice and see if it changes anything.

If you do, let me know if any of it works! I would hope something does…

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@Mysterious I will… Definitely :slight_smile: