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What about people who don’t have many bucks to play the tournement

I don’t have very many bucks for jw alive so I can’t play the tournament so yea ;-;

You have to be frugal. I sponsor a starving child in a war torn country and I had to send him a letter letting him know I’d be short this month. He has appreciated the pics of my boosted Thor I’ve sent this week though so I’m sure he understands.

Not really but it’s all about priorities man. Get it or don’t, save bucks or don’t, buy them or don’t. But the one thing you shouldn’t do is skip all that and ask “what about me”


Ok? Sure but I’m not just talking about me tho im talking about me I’m talking about everyone that doesn’t have bucks

You can get bucks from supply drops. Go out collecting and save them. 100 bucks is easy to come by,

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I got a notification that this tournament is on Ludia with 100 hc in it…

In the future save some hc for stuff lile this


You want free bucks follow ludia on social media… join an alliance and collect alliance mission rewards… do your dailys… spin supply depots both green and regular as their limits are seperate…

You can earn tons of free hardcash… i used to do tapjoy offers but honestly ludia gives up enough free hard cash these days im happy with skipping those.


Lydia just gave us 100 bu is from the outage the other day. Was basically free entry into the tournament .


They just gave us another 100 for the tourney to… so 200 bucks this week free… besides all the other sources i listed and people are like what if we dont have hard cash.

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hard cash or bucks is easy to obtain. you can collect 40 from regular supply drops and 10 from the event ones everyday. your free incubator also can give you a small amount. there is also the tap joy thing with watching free 30 second ads or other options in tap joy.

Buuuuut, Ludia really wants you to spend your REAL hard earned cash on their in game hard cash.

i’m not going to spend any real money on this game EVER.

You know what? as buggy as this game is after the update and especially the way that battles are working i mean, not working. Why would you want to pay hard cash to play a buggy tournament?

Check your mail


Sorry to have to point out: If you could not get $100 FREE in the game from when they announced the Tournament, you are not even opening the game. If you open the game and play each day it would be hard not to have at least $100 in a week

As pointed out above the entry fee is even waiting for you to claim it, in game. It even states “Try it free on us” with $100 gift.

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