What about Raid battles?

I have been reading that we would love to get raid battles (similar to the pokemon go ones), It would be awesome to have different ways of playing with the community. Also if Ludia wants to get more money from us players maybe you can sell dino skins wich grant no advantage over players just cosmetics.


I’m not really interested in elements of play that require me to be at a set place and time while depending on local people to be there on time in order to complete the element of play.

One of the least appealing aspects of PoGo.

Also was annoying that 15 players are in the Raid, with 9 people present and only 2 had 2 phones…


Yeah, I’m not convinced anyone else really plays in my city. Least I’ve rarely seen anyone in sanctuaries. Not really up for anything that requires me to meet up with people unless there is some way to get alliance members to join from wherever they are.


I also seem to be the only person in my town, at least until my best friend comes back to visit on occasion. The weird thing is, I know that there’s PLENTY of people in my city who play Pokemon GO. However, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the entire city on Team Instinct, because all I ever see in the gyms are people that either from Valor or Mystic, and my poor Pokemon get taken down very quickly… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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It Could Be A Good Addition If Properly Done Like Near Places Where Not So Many Players Go They Make It Slightly Easier.

Make it to where you could play with anyone worldwide without having to meet up in person like PoGo, and it would be great! If it’s set up like PoGo it will flop, as I think there’s only a handful of players in my area (and I live in a major metropolitan area!).


Ooh Smart :smiley:

Hey Steven_Stevenson, thanks for the suggestions!

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The Idea About Dino Skins Sounds Very Promising You Could Buy It With Bucks Or Coins On Special Occasions And They Are For Whatever Is The Dinosaur Of The Month!

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Indeed and we dont have to worry for the game to become pay to win


All for Dino skins and anything to monetize the game that doesn’t involve further destroying the arena trust me ludia has ways cough crit and armour boosts.

As for raids it’s a hard pass from me, the community is not large enough as a whole. Idk anyone around me that plays. I don’t mind PVE strike events and bosses like Lord Lythronax but that’s the extent. I’d rather campaign and strike towers continue to be improved and built on rather then frankly a feature that will be super buggy and most people cannot take advantage of.

Yeah just have the raid bosses online, you queue up amd all go in together, you can fight off weaker dinosaur minions before getting or not getting to the boss, no need to meet up in person =)


You can put dna in it, and if someone battles it, two things cn happen, you lose some of your dna from the raid, but if he loses, you get a bonus dna

They could just make an in-game battle arena where players set up teams of their own creatures and program how they will attack for other players to play. This was something I suggested once upon a time and can’t remember what I named the post. Here is an example.

They can reward the person who sets up a team on how many opponent take downs or wins. Then they can give out a reward for beating teams with more rewards for taking on higher teams. Actually they should make it so you only get rewards if you battle higher teams and win.

Your team can only be battled once and then you can set up another team. They could also add setting up teams and battling teams as a mission.

No offense to anyone at all; but if they do this and it’s Alliance V Alliance then that’s a hard pass. Maybe PlayerS vs Environment would be cool, but no point thinking anyone else is gonna hang with AP.

EDIT: Maybe if it’s even level/no boosts

I feel like we are getting very close to Dino skins. I’m sure we’ll have them soon, at least this summer.

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I think the best way for Raid battles is for them to be triggered by 1 player and battled either as an alliance or call a friend/friends. So you can try to solo it or call for help.

Kinda like PoGo but its less time sensitive. You can do them within 2 hours.

Group raids were one thing that turned me off of PoGo before JWA even came out. I hope JWA doesn’t ho the same route.


Absolutely no interest in this. Only know two players that play JWA in my city. So it would be impossible to find people.


This really is showing just how small the playerbase seems to be. Take away multiple accounts and I wonder how many people actually play this game?