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What About Special Event in Next Week? (Week 13)


Anyone know which dinos will come in the next week? Gimme legend or unique plz. Thanks.


Unique doubtful! Legendary possibly but always only one chance so it’s more of a tease than anything else!


Ludia will put it on the JWA twitter feed tomorrow.


I vote for an Allosinosaurus-themed event. With loooooaaaaaads of Sinoceratops ^^


Yes I can go for that yes sir I can go for that go for that go for that! I took the Hall and Oats song and tweaked it a bit

Btw it was replying to the sinoceratops guy! Darn the wonky reply system :joy::joy:


Guys, there’s someone on Twitter complaining that TRex is meant to be out today and Secondo out tomorrow. I’ve told the guy that this is how it is meant to be, both epic dinos out at the same time, it’s what happened last week too.

He claims it is not meant to be like this, he said when Blue/Pyro were out, that Blue came out first, then the next day disappeared and Pyro came out. But i’ve said to him last week was the same as this week and that’s how these events work.

Who’s got it right here? Or did the way it work change after the first event?


Both are out for 2 days thats why there is 6 attempts total available cause theres 2 dinos which is good which means we get 6 rexs instead of 3 and 3 useless second


Yeah that’s what I told the guy, but he insists on the first event Blue and Pyro were different days over the weekend. He’s convinced he’s right.


Im guessing next weeks theme will be defence and high health so im guessing apatosaurus, g2 anky, euoplo, nodo, amarga, argentino, graffititan, ankylosaurus and brachiosaurus that what im hoping for but dont know this is just a guess


Brach sounds good but ill still be going for anky


This was just my prediction just pure speculation i have no evidence backing this up


I know was just sayin if that did happen rip brach dna for me :joy:


When does the new tweed usually go viral?


Usually goes out Mondays.


For real? I’m dying of curiosity :sweat_smile:


Nooo it’s usually up by now!


Really? I looked at their twitter and each week it’s on Monday at 8pm UK time.


It used to be like that but it’s different now.


Oh wait my mistake, sorry 8pm UK time on Sundays!


For the event dinos being different days that is.