What about special event in Week 12


Anyone know which dinos will come in the next week? Thanks.

New weekly Dino's

It will be posted on the Jurassic World Alive twitter page tomorrow.


Someone posted in reddit and there is irritator rare and t rex epic


OK i know what it possibly is

also if you need more proof here’s next weeks epics


Oh man the trex is cool and all but oh my gosh I’m sooooooo flipping excited for 18 irritators.


…Irritator :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Omg hype for next week!!!


we just had secodontosaurus like 2 weeks ago. doubtful it’ll be that again.


Maybe they put secodonto out again because it’s immune and so many people are complaining about stuns?


More Tarbosaurus!

… But I’m seriously ready to use my 30K+ Tarby DNA on a kickass new theropod fusion


Is that confirmed for a superhybrid?:thinking:


Im excited for rex :joy: if im lucky ill finally be like all the cool kids and turn my 18 indom into a 20 since everyone and their moms has 20 indoms and indos at 4500 lol


Really have a dilemma with Gorgosaurus which I have not seen in weeks and Irritator.


Irritator :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Mine is Level 13 295/500 - need to get it to 15 to make Pyrritator - already have 1000 DNA from Pyroraptor on standby …

Gorgosaurus :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Need Gorgosuchus DNA to make Megalosuchus …


Nowhere near pyritator…
So gonna go 18 gorgosaurus, and work towards megalosuchus… only problem is kapro is NEVER in my area


Pyrritator, you are finally going to be mine next week. About dang time :heart_eyes: I’m at 1500+ pyro, and just barely a lvl 15 irritator. Proper motivation, I can probably get the indoraptor aswell, lets go.


Noooo i dont wanna be the only person up at our lvl without indo :sob: lol stay in the no indo club with me


Ill probably be right there with you. I’m that person that is too lazy to hunt velociraptors. I applaud the members out there who have acquired an indoraptor post update. How can you hunt that many raptors, and not loose your mind after a couple 10 fuses?

I made a conscious decision to just go for the utarinex and pyrritator instead :joy: Lets be different, who needs an indoraptor anyways.


I dont even have a 15 sino :joy: mines 13 still lol


I had to farm 44,000 raptor DNA to fuse my indo.