What About The Terror Birb?

The keleken needs some love fellas why was he forgotten? I think he is really good and giving him a hybrid by adding a therizinosaurus to the game with similar stats to erlinko gen 2 but with slower speed and more attack and creating a theriken hybrid would be a good way to increase the need for keleken dna what do you guys think?

Why Do You Speak With Caps?

Just Something I Do Dont Know Why I Cringe When I Dont

That caps hurts my eyes :dizzy_face:

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And don’t worry, he’ll get a hybrid for sure. Him and Snake G2 are the only nonhybrids left without a hybrid. They are pretty new creatures, so they’ll surely get one in the future. Just wait for 1.13 :wink:

Fixed it :grinning:

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That’s surely better


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