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What about this new dinosaur


We have seen that most of the times we lose a match due to immune creature. So I have thought about a new cunning hybrid. “MONODILOSAUR” which has got a attack called " Toxification" . It removes immunity for 3 turns. Also if a creature is no immune it decreases it critical chance to 0% for 3 turns. Other attacks can be Distracting rampage, nullifying strike and instant distraction. Speed 130 ,with swap in distraction. Please let me know if you like the idea

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Interesting attack. I doubt Ludia will use it for game play reasons, but it’s cool nonetheless. Reminds me of Salandit’s Corrosion ability for Pokemon, which is one my favorite evolution lines from Gen 7.

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No damage done? You risk giving away a takedown just to toxify your opponent doesn’t sound an uppermost strategy. Top tier bleeders like spinota is falling out badly. Swap-in and hit&run are still mainstream. However, if this will be a swap-in toxifying or swap-out then most likely it can align with some of the best dinos with SIA or H&R. Thusly it itself is a contender.


Understand that the more dinosaurs there are, the harder and longer it will take to grow them. There are only so many spawns and more dino’s lessen the chance of the one or the components you need for a dino your growing. They could add this ability to ones that have no abilities right now. It could either be a swap in or have it come with a 1x damage attack. I like the idea.


Think that when you remove there immunity you can bleed,distract or do whatever you want to do with them.


You could have: Toxification bleed.
.33 for three turns on immune creatures


Nice. But when immunity is removed you can do anything. Bleed, distract,etc.


People want dinosaurs with immunity because they have immunity. If you start taking that away all you are doing is making immune dinosaurs pointless. Although, I feel the same way about nullification attacks.


Nope, inmune dinosaur without inmune, nope, an op movement


Itd be for like three dinos, not all