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What about this team

This is my team so far. My arena record is 5134.

Should I add or remove anything? What do you think?

I personally think Monostego should be in there somewhere. It can work really well with your 2 counter attackers. But I’m also biased :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As Piere said Monostego would be a good addition in your team

I’d say remove OG Indoraptor you have Magna, Erlidom and Indo g2 wich are much better in arena

If you used many boosts on OG Indo well wait the next update with the new boost reset and put them on Monostego

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My indo is tier 2 on attack, health and speed. My Mono is tier 2 on health and speed and tier 1 on attack. I really think the only dino i can remove is indo gen 1

I leveled her up to 26 today to beat the campaign levels 74,75 and 76. Now i’ll be stuck until i get 4 level 28 creatures T.T I’ll probably put her in the team and give Indo some rest

Man, Josuke over here is giving amazing advice. Monostego is awesome, it doesn’t seem that way, but being able to finish a creature that would otherwise do some more damage to your team is invaluable.


Especially if the Dino is an Indo gen 2 ready to throw a rampage on any of my beloved creatures…

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I think its pretty good.

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