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What about we giving an end to the DC issue?

Personally, I’d love to get DC removed by tonight. But apparently not everyone is fund of that idea. Plus, except a few minority and me, the rest are held hostages on a large investment both in boosts and time. An easy excuse and high ground advantage right there to keep the rat in the game. Therefore I’d say a compromise on both sides is needed.
So, if swap in attack must stay :man_shrugging:, then deprive its ability from instantly killing a dino. If its attack value is over than the target’s HP, then leave 20% HP as it is. In short, a swap-in takedown ain’t suitable in this format.
How does it sound to you?


Change SI Rampage for SI Definite Strike. Then it will be used for it’s intended purpose: as a last ditch effort to finish off a troublesome dino with low health that you otherwise can’t bring down, and not an OKHO for anything that has taken literally any prior damage.


My concern for the swap-in 1x attack is not only applying to DC, but what if ludia give it to another hybrid, a brand-new monstrous unique from the DC line? Attack value won’t matter anymore, it can get as much annoying.

I’d prefer it to work like False Slash in the Pokémon games. It causes damage, but always leaves 1HP on the opponent at least. It’s still annoying, but at least you still stand a chance.


Funny how you think that’s a “compromise” and any different from removing it completely.

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Yes, I am with this too. Leave however the HP to it’s target, but ditch the instant kill.

There will never be a compromise for this issue. Either it gets reset to something worthless, such as when it first entered the game. and all the players who put effort/money into it will be up in arms, or it stays as is and everyone suffers. The only logical answer would be to meet somewhere in the middle but it won’t happen.

Can’t believe you ask me. It’s way different from getting completely removed. If your dino is slowed or bled, swap in the fresh DC, take out some health and sacrifice, give the faster dino a go to clean up and set up.

Actually in terms of its ingredients, it’s given the due strength and entertainment, too.

That’s the thing it still doing. Swap in kill the Dino that you can’t kill otherwise.

I also don’t disagree, that completely ignoring the players who grinded their way through a lv30 DC will trigger a rebel. But as of now, DC has caused more chaos in this game than the entertaining part it’s due for. We players, pro-strategy and pro-dc, have spent too much time on the DC philosophical debate. And the tumor keeps growing as each sec we squandered.

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They will fix something that’s trouble to there revenue asap. But something like the rat? I don’t see them changing the face of there franchise, the boost salesmen, and the cancer that already has others in rebel. For me I have no sympathy to anyone who fully invested into a common legendary. That Ludia gave us to literally increase boost sales.

There’s a reason the easiest Tyrant to get is so broken and almost everyone uses it. And it’s most likely not going anywhere. I did enjoy this game so much more before it. Now it’s pretty meh. And I can honestly say it all starts with this dino. When it started to become frustrating and no longer enjoyable in battles.


Killing a dino with a SI attack that you otherwise cant kill not the issue at all. Lots of dinos are capable of that. Irrig2, kapro, DC, etc. The issue is the sheer amount of damage DC does just by swapping in. It can easily OKHO a speedster like erlidom and magna in this climate. With a strike, that’s not longer possible.


Swap in rampage was just another gross miscalculation. Except they miscalculated on purpose to give scrubs a dino that can hang with stronger dinos. Its made of 2 commons. It doesn’t deserve the power it has, nor the moveset.


but they did more or less this, when changed to common rampage.
shield and armor keep target alive if compared to 1.7 at same health.

if have guarantee that target will survive, draco becomes useless. because it’s SLOW. not even a sacrifice if that sacrifice don’t finish target.

it’s then 1 dino slot wasted just to make some ammount of damage.

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I have 2 dinos on my team that have armor, and both of them have a shield. So DC got nerfed for 2 of my dinos and buffed for 6. Hardly seems like a nerf. It was a buff in disguise.


well, your team is maybe not the same of everyone’s team. draco has now more difficulty against many dinos, like tryko, dioraja, monostego, trago, utasino, zorion, alankylo, stegos, amargos, miragaias, alanqa, and so…

but thats neither nerf or buff. it was a change: the obvious result is you won’t see draco comming everytime anymore, but depending on situation.

i thought it was a buff when a topic was discussing that after 1.8, but after battling a lot i can see its more complex than binary “nerf/buff” thing.

for example, sometimes player saves draco and have a big problem if later opponent have tryko or trago. this didn’t happen before.

i dropped to arena 1 and climbed back to aviary few days ago, and can assure you there’s a lot less dracos in mid arenas than i saw before. many players find draco less useful now that it’s not anytime can throw the bomb.


It still has to be compared to how many armored dinos are on each team. If you run 4 armored dinos, its about even. Any less than 4 and it was a buff because it still deals more damage to the ones without armor. When DC is used in a match is irrelevant. Many people save Erli for last. It’s not always Tryko.

If it’s slowed or bled, you can kill it without sacrificing a dino.

DC’s role is making sure the player with the fastest dino doesn’t always win. Absolutely no point in using it if it can’t kill.


Getting a 1.5% increase in damage against 4 dinos and a 30-100% decrease against the other 4 is even. Sure.

Edit: thought damage had increased by 20 points. If it’s 60 points like said below, that makes it 5%. Still not even close.