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What actually needs to be balanced (statistically speaking)?

Objectively though, Rixis is probably the most in need of balance, being the strongest compared to the rest of it’s rarity. However strong Brontolasmus, Entelochops, and Diplodocus are, and there can be a case made to nerf any of them, Rixis is even stronger still. If Rixis doesn’t need a nerf, then nothing does, so I have to disagree there. It doesn’t need a big nerf, but it needs something.

You bring up some good points about Suchotators resistances. However, @Funtime_dino has good points about it’s stats. Its attack is on par with most rare hybrids, but it’s HP is far higher than others with a similar attack stat. And it doesn’t even need a strong attack, it can bleed and stall! So I think part of it’s attack or hp (maybe mostly HP) has to give. This is a creature on par with the strongest “balanced” legendaries, but it’s only a rare.


Sarcorixis does not need any change because it is a superhybrid, when they understand that it is not an epic like the others they will realize that it is so, it is similar to a unique one since it cannot obtain a Legendary hybrid or a unique one because it is a superhybrid, that’s why it has to be better than other epics, you can’t put it in the sanctuary, that shows that it’s not a common epic, that’s fine.

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Stop asking good creatures to worsen, I assure you that the only ones that harm these changes of creatures are the people of the minor arenas and the new players, because they disarm their teams which they did with a lot of effort, the only ones who These changes benefit older players and those who spend a fortune in the game, you know why, because they have thousands of creatures at the maximum level and all they have to do so that the changes do not affect them is to replace a creature on the other, when they modified the Inoraptors it took me many months to get a good team again, and why, for people like you who cannot win and complain that the creatures are wrong, and they are not, what is wrong is Ludia’s matchmaking and stat increases, but Ludia makes you believe to many other players that the problem is the creatures. There must be good and bad creatures, otherwise the game would be something else if all creatures were equal, it asks to improve bad creatures, not make good ones worse, so that each person can play with their favorite creature.

Look at how bad the other epic superhybrids though. When Ludia considers balancing superhybrids different than hybrids, then I will too. Plus, at most I would divide it into hybrids and non-hybrids, since that’s how Ludia divides up tournaments. I do plan on separating hybrids from non-hybrids in a subsequent analysis, though I still think Rixis will come out far above anything else. It needs to be brought down a peg.

I personally am not throwing my opinion behind anything in the original post. If the post makes it look like something good needs a nerf, that’s the objective data talking, not me.

I didn’t make the tier list, Gamepress did. So if you have an issue with how a dino’s strength is weighted, take it up with them.

This is true, but the range of balance must be within reason. This is why I used a standard deviation, and I even multiplied it by 1.5 to give even more leniency to how strong these dinos are. Things above or below the standard deviation are statistically stronger than others in their tier. That’s not me saying I think they feel week, that’s the objective ranking saying that they are much stronger or weaker than everything else in their rarity. Of course not everything will be equal, and that’s ok. But the stuff that falls outside of 1.5 standard deviations of their rarity is statistically on a whole other level of imbalance.

This post wasn’t just about nerfs, I highlighted several creatures in need of buffs too. It’s funny though, I haven’t seen many “buff Koolasuchus” posts. Do you actually want the truly weak dinos to be buffed, or do you just want your favorite dino to remain significantly stronger than everything else in it’s rarity?


The best creatures in the game.

The number 1

The number 2

You realize why Sarcorixis is unique in its epic class, if your problem is the alliance tournaments with levels all 26, Entelochops and Indominus Gen 2 are the Sarcorixis counters, I am bothered by the exchange creatures and I do not ask that them get worse, in any case I would ask that they be prohibited in tournaments, but I do not do it because they are the rules of the game, apart you will win as much as you will lose, once you can even draw, but that’s the game, anyway Ludia is the one that decides when you want you or your opponent to win.

Exactly, Rixis is only an epic, but it’s ranked among the second-highest tier of dinos in the game. That doesn’t feel off to you at all?

For the record, all I would do is lower the damage by 100 or 200. Right now it’s able to do at least 4875 damage over two turns, enough to two-shot pretty much every fierce in the game. Thats nearly as much damage as 2.0 maxima. And thats assuming that it DOESNT stun and attack a third time, raising its three-turn damage output to 6825 damage, which is actually more damage over three turns than 2.0 maxima! Rixis is resilient, Fierce should be winning that matchup! If its beating cunnings with resilient strike (as it should), can’t be slowed by resilients (which also makes some sense), and also outdamages all fierce, what’s support to be countering Rixis? All from an epic creature made from three commons, none of which are exclusive (Sarcosuchus is arena exclusive, but can be gathered starting in Badlands). But none of that sounds even slightly unbalanced to you? The thing is, all you have to do is lower the damage by 200, and all of a sudden it’s only doing 4125 damage over two turns. Now it becomes a winnable matchup for more fierce dinos.


what looks off to me is the weird split in the creature names like ardent and monolo. jus shrink the text, no one will care.

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But realize most of the creatures he compared to have armor piercing, defense shattering, or attack increasing abilities. If you are talking about a dinosaur with armor no, suchotater doesn’t do a lot.

Against armor, all you have to do is bleed it out. The only one that really can’t is Ankylocodon. Thats a good point about the damage boosting though. Suchotator isn’t the most overpowered thing in the world, or really overpowered at all, but I definitely see why it’s ranked so highly.

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I will only reduce sarcorixis speed, so any dino can revenge kill it :thinking: i don’t know if sarco should keep 100% slow decrease resistance

And for dracoceratops the same as phorusaura, a delay


I think the original post makes a lot of sense.

Those who believe rixis and monolometrodon don’t need nerfs should be looking more at the long game.

What’s the point in a game that spoon feeds the players the best dinos in a matter of weeks? Because that’s exactly what those dinos are, along with Dracoceratops. All are way too op and all can be used right up to the end game which effectively makes the long term enjoyment of unlocking new and better dinos pointless.

These three dinos that require nothing more than common dna make the fusing of uniques that require rare, epic and legendary dna a futile task unless you are just collecting the dinos and not doing pvp.


I don’t remember prowl ever having 100% dodge, It’s been 75% for a long time now as far as i know.

I really think you’ve never faced against a non boosted monolometrodon. Also dracoceratops is not good at all, how is it “OP”?

Thank you, Mudkipz! I’ll share this with our team. :slight_smile:


Evidently a lot of people disagree with this statement. It can do multi-thousand damage on the swap-in, then take a big chunk out of whatever’s next, and is almost guaranteed to be able to swap out and back in again. It can also act as a revenge-killer in a pinch.


Multi thousand damage? Do you assume nobody uses creatures with rend resistance? Also, dracoceratops swap in doesn’t go through armor or shields. It doesn’t really take a “big chunk” of health and ends up dying after swap in. Sure, it can act as a revenge killer but use something with rend resistance and it will do less than 500 damage. Plus, you can literally dodge the rend swap in.

do you really think the majority of people are that dumb that they would use rend on something that has rend resist without thinking?


What if everything the player is using has rend resistance, dodge, armor, or shields? Those can block rend easily.

That isn’t what i asked.

No one runs a team that fits all those categories because it simply isn’t viable nor does a creature with all those resistance even exist.