What alliance leaders are thinking

I see some players complain that they were kicked out of their alliances for no reason. Apparently there is mismatch of expectation between the leaders and players.

Leaders are looking for active players and players want active alliances. Easy.
But active in what? It could be in tournaments, could be sanctuary building, could be DNA donation, could be PvP battles, could be daily strikes, etc.

Here I focus on PvP battles and daily strikes. As we have limited access to other players’ information, leaders usually try to make the best of public information.

  • PvP battles: if a player’s trophy remains 0 after a week or so from monthly reset, leaders will likely regard the player as non-active in PvP battles.

  • Daily strikes: there are opportunities for all of us to obtain badges from daily strike events. If a player fails to have a few badges from daily strikes, it is safe to assume the player is not daily active (we can check what badges other players recently received at the profile page).

How you use the information above is up to you. You can actually stay daily active, or pretend to be active by doing a few PvP battles and key daily strikes.

Being allowed to do a leader role in a alliance myself, the best I can do is to be an active role model and to encourage our members.

Check your members’ profiles and see if they are really active as they say.
If you find out that your leader encourages others but has 0 trophy or has no badges recently, well… sorry for you!


I do not feel asking all members to get 10 kills in the weekend tournaments and be on every couple days is not too much to help the alliance. Having a 0 trophy count a week after the reset. Until the game gives the leaders the opportunity to deny the end of tournaments rewards to players who do not wish to participate or the weekly alliance defense rewards with those with 0 trophy counts, the only option is to remove those members.


It used to be possible to monitor the activity of the members thanks to screenshots from the daily missions. That is no longer the case because of the new system for daily missions… When a good alliance asks for daily active members, that means 1 DBI, 20 battles, 10 incubators and 100 direct hits per day. Not someone that logs in everyday and pretends to play.

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I typically ask that players completer their dailies and DBI and a minimum of 10 Tournament take downs. Not overly time consuming and easily doable from new players to vets.

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Now a days the players still or again looking for an alliance have a wish list that can fill a wall but refuse to put much effort into most of their wishes….

  • level 20 sancs
    Yet don’t FIP anything but the creatures they need or worse…. Place one of their own
  • tier 10/10 weekly mission rewards
    Yet only do the minimum to get their dbi, miss most strikes cause “boring” and don’t dart cause “too busy”
  • tier 10 championship rewards
    Do the bare minimum of 10 takedowns or are sick/on holiday/smashed phone/bad connection half of the championship
  • generous donations
    Do request never donate
  • actively raiding
    Bring the lowest creature out there on the most RNG reliant strat and expect the rest of the alliance to pull em through or raid it 5 times over till RNG is in their favour. Also never show up to assist. Just get their raid and are gone for the day.

The majority of my alliance is “old school” they don’t ask what the alliance can do for them, they ask what they can do for the alliance. But the newer players…. Only one out of 10 actually gets how a team works.


It’s tough to figure out who is doing what.
The only thing our alliance does is require 10 take downs and DBI.
Everything else we can easily cover down on, but DBI’s is something you cant.
We’ve gotten really lucky so far, but it sure would be nice to know how many are actually doing it.
Spiders and I were having an unofficial kinda race to see who could unlock the DBI achievement first.
When we both posted on discord and asked how everyone else was doing…
We got crickets.
That’s when I realized that our battlers were pulling other peoples weight.
DBI’s are the only real thing I wish we could check.
Strikes, requests, battles, and everything else doesn’t matter much.
For us anyway.

Another reason why they don’t do the raiding is because they don’t have a strong enough creature to fight in the raid, so they can’t complete it.

Yeah, I understand your headache :sweat_smile:

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When there was a vote on future functionality to add to the game, the Player Stats feature would have been an awesome improvement for all alliance leaders, because it could highlight which players are actually helping out versus those that just log in daily for a minute.

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My alliance has no rules. I kick out the one who has not been on the longest as new players ask to join.

I consider my alliance a beginner alliance and a stepping stone to get started. Since I’m playing 4 accounts, I can’t keep up myself with DBI’s and tournaments. My one account is my wife’s who is the leader. I try to get around to battling them all at least once during the month, a little more if I’m in the mood.

On top of this, I have been doing raids and every Apex raid since last October, none-stop so all my 4 accounts are active every day. I FIP on all accounts and can get a sanctuary up to 8 and 9 some times.

For my alliance, there is no organization and we get from 4 to 6 on the defense and exploration but usually 5 and 5.

personally i am not an alliance leader at the other i am a member but i try to help by doing fights my daily quests and now that i have reached lvl 18 i will try help with Apex Raid

Thanks for sharing this, very helpful to know!

We took many young players at the beginning of our alliance, and those players who stay and actively play gradually grow. From my experience as a young alliance leader for casual-strategic play, we don’t keep too strict rules for our members but do encourage them helping in daily missions and weekly tourneys.

Now with the alliance growing and constantly joined by mid to end players, we have to remove some players who aren’t active or are simply too young to keep it up. I also keep an excel sheet for members in order to be fair in removal :sweat_smile:. For those young members to be removed, we usually refer them to other alliances that I know with good reputations. In addition, those who got removed for being inactive or too young are given a second chance to return once they are ready. So far we have had a few who returned and stayed. :rofl: Really appreciate their effort in finding us back again among an ocean of alliances out there :rofl:

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