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What am I doing wrong?



Ok, I have a team I understand should comfortably work to 3300s for me… but I’m stuck between Lockdown and Sorna Marshes… have been for a week now :confused:… sometimes manage to get up to 3200s then fall back down to sub 3000… how am I failing my team? Or am I about right for my Dino levels? Any advice? What could I do better? Thanks all x


not using suchotator, TREX and stegoceratops for starters i think is a mistake. i’d probably ditch allosaurus, erlikosaurus, stygimoloch. i’d also stop leveling up stegosaurus and put it into stegaceratops and stop leveling up irritator gen 2 and put it into suchotator


Amargo is better option than euplo and you really need stegocera im your team.


My set-plays are start with Allo, Kentro or Euoplo, then when they down, bring in an auto swap Erliko or Stygi(:heart:️), or Dime as immune, orrr take the hit of loosing a go and bring in a tank, then swap out for Velo finisher… is my game play pants?


Einia is also good lower levels as well as higher

I just got indom today to replace my koola but this team (with koola) and nodopato for stegodius got me to 3700


Eina is good cause you can finish somethin off eith ferocious strike then heavy hit/possibly stun the next one in. Im at 4k now with this team


Thank you all :blush::blush::blush: much appreciated… comment on the T-Rex though… he seems weak when I’ve had him on my roster? How am I best to play him?


T rex is amazing if your dino with a slow gets a slow off as it goes down then you come in with firsr hit t rex for the takedown and the next dino gets his big chomp


If i have a trex on the team and i can either A) kill the dino im fighting or B) slow it to low enough hp ill choose B just so t rex gets an easy ramp up


Also can i please have your coin :joy:


Appreciate you taking the time to advise :wink::blush: ok… whilst stygimoloch is my absolute fave (I bring her in when opponent is on 1 hit to down (like 600 points left), then one hit the next Dino they bring in, take hit, then steal their go with instant charge, then impact & run…) I will drop her from squad, pop in Trex etc and let you know outcome…! Watch this space! x


My coin!! I know :woman_shrugging:t3::see_no_evil: I really have never understood why everyone cries on here about lack of coin(!!!) I think my game-play is different to most in that I have only ever paid VIP, and each “one time offer” on level-ups… (I even delay levelling up until I have the ££ available to buy one time offers :joy:)… other than that I hunt for 1 hour per day… but play… maybe 4 hours battles per day…? More even?.. I think simply my progress has been slow lol, so my coins have gone up faster than my Dino evolves needed :joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Nodopato is a beast - I always sigh when he comes in knowing I’m done for! Looking forward to the day I can get him!


he is, but based on your other options, with shield+armor tanks being the meta, and him having 2 attacks that break though those, he’s the better choice.


you have him aleady. first dino, second row in the 3rd screenshot


Oh lol… when did she sneak in!? You know actually I thought you meant this little bug…


Ok my team now…

Better? Have won 3 lost 1 now - thanks :slight_smile:️:heart:️Uploading…


Hybrids is your answer