What am I Paying almost 50 bucks a month for?

Hey devs hows it going? I have a few issues that I’d like to report,

  1. The lag eats the play time during my turn sometimes. I have a 240mbs connection with almost no lag from Brazil to North American gameplay servers in general games. This bugs me off. Sometimes I loose half the turn’s time just waiting to star the turn. Please make a dedicated Brazilian out south american server soon if possible! :slight_smile:

  2. 9,99 for what again? This is almost 50 reais which is very expensive for a monthly subscription without lots of benefits in exchange for.

I am very unsatisfied with the vip status I’ve purchased about 3 days ago, after getting frustrated with the paywalls at level 4-5. There are almost no extra loot from battles or events and challenges wich before I had signed the VIP, used to show up every single time. Why do I still have to pay to play events if I’m vip? Events should be free or with discount or special events ate least should be free.

There should be better items for sale with a discount as well. You are just not giving any of us a reason to keep that subscription on and going after we realize what a waste of money it is.

  1. My VIP Chest is not showing up as well. I opened it once and the it’s is stuck in the middle, it doesn’t load up and gets better as the game said it would.

    Chest is stuck like this for nearly over 2 days.
    I would like some for of compensation for this in game and that this gets fixed.

  2. Also we need to be able to re do all the Dungeons in order to grind. It’s ridiculous that a game like this does not let the player replay the game stages on choice or demand. It just locks you on the level you made to.

  3. The PVP matchmaking needs to get better. It’s just putting me with high level player and also its choosing my heroes instead of going with the ones I’ve chose to play with.

6.prize choice after winning
After winning a dungeon or event, you have to choose between the dices. This is stupid. You should get all rewards if you got the dices.

Thanks for the attention?
Please resolve at least my VIP chest issue. This is passing me of as I should be able to get one for free a day.


You are on track! Everything you put is exactly what I was thinking while playing the game! The grind is crazy and the VIP is not a good trade off

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Hey suenc, our team would be happy to take a closer look at your account for you to see if there are any issues with your VIP chest.

Could you email your support key over to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com? Thanks!

Completely agree with every point you make. VIP sub is so bad, you get nothing for your money. PVP is stupid, it lags so much and doesn’t use the heroes I chose, and not being able to replay the dungeons is such a bizarre decision.

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I cancelled my subscription. Ill prob delete the game when it ends…i hope not.
Your right wuth everything you said…VIP is not worth it…20 bucks a month i want s clear advantage or bonuses.
The only point i disagree with is the arena. I actually love/hate the random selection if my crew…its quite different to every other game and thats what i want from a dnd game a point of difference.
Everything needs to be addressed asap. I dont mind a grind but when i open a new character and im stuck on a lvl with my high lvl characters…i got no hope of building the newbie in a hurry. They need to unlock previous levels.

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What a PvP penalty when you manage to get your opponent down to 1 character, but is a pay to win player and since he bought a ton of packs for that 1 character easily kills your whole team of 4 because he can now attack 4 times as often with his best toon.

They need to add a penalty so when it is 1 to 3 the player with only 1 left can only attack every 2 turns. PvP is broken until they stop letting only 1 character attack back as someone who still has 3 to 4 left on his team.

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