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What an annoying Tournament

One minute you’re facing a full level 30 team, maybe with one or two boosted, and just roll your eyes… the next, you face a poor team at level 20… And then a level 30 team again… I know this isn’t new for advantage tourneys, but in this one in particular it seems to be happening more than usual, at least to me and other members of my Alliance.

And things are also getting tough more quickly… Among top1k you can already be facing lv30 teams… Don’t know if people are starting this one later than usual or if this is just the new “normal”. Whatever it is, it sucks. I enjoyed these past few tourneys (even advantage) but this one I pass…


I lost a battle to a regular team of 20’s, with maybe a 26 and a 23… Which is fine, their team was almost the same as mine. After that lost, I thought I would face a lower level team, but then:

None of my tournament dinos has more than 4200 health
Maybe it is happening because it is the first day of tournament and many players are still playing their first battles, but if this continues to happen tomorrow, then yes, I quit too and let the whales eat themselves

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Yeah but even in the first day… After the first 6 to 8 hours it’s usually not this tough

Noticed this too. I can’t get a streak together (winning or losing) at all!!!

It’s completely inintéressant only phor everywhere, when you don have at least one dino with more ho than it’s 2x attack it’s over for you

I don’t why is it so hard for ludia to balance correctly créatures in the game

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I try and do it early Monday morning.
On advantage I tried 2 hours remaining but it wasn’t enough time to plateau.
I’m going to try 3 hours this go round.

Yeah it’s Saturday and it only got worse.

Screw this tournament :face_vomiting:


Yeah it’s pretty poor I played a team of level 25+ then next battle I’m playing against a level 12 Utahraptor and level 12 ankylocodon

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I was running into this also. I would play one team of level 24-25’s and get lucky to get one take down and then the next team was 15-18.

Advantage tournaments shouldn’t use boosts, such that at the highest progression bracket (level 30) people can play it like skill tournaments and everywhere else it’s clear that you can progress to be better in the tournament. Perhaps alternate between boosted and not boosted tournaments for advantage if people really like boosting. But for people who barely have boosts for their pvp team, advantage tournaments are so offputting because matchmaking is bad and the matches against whales are boring.

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sadly that’s the way advantage will always be, but at least they’ve got not boosts…another positive to skill tournaments though that’s for sure

There’s another type of battle I hate seeing with advantage tournaments:

lv 20, lv 20, lv 20, lv30 FULLY BOOSTED DINO (that takes the stage at the end of the battle).

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classic whale teams…you’ll never see them stop but my reasoning behind removing boosts as the standard for advantage tournaments is so that the maximum a whale can be is much lower and easier to achieve for the average player. You want player count to be high in tournaments anyway so there’s competition and fun…so why ruin it every other week by making the top 1000 locked behind who boosted a level 30 whale that happened to qualify?

Simple, ppl who don’t buy (or not as much) boosts for arena probably won’t buy boosts just for tournaments. People who buy boosts to max their whole arena teams will probably buy even more to max their tournament teams. :joy:

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that so many people are stuck in certain arenas and so they just build up their legendaries since they don’t want to lose the boosts they’ve thrown into them.

I’m honestly tired of getting thrown into matches against people that spam Phoru and Dracorat swaps.

I also had my first match that lasted over 10 minutes. Was bloody annoying.


U should see my last epic tournament battle with 2 lvl 26 carbonemys . It’s back and forth for 10 minutes, painful :persevere:

This tourney has brought up some strange memories of metas passed; Indo Gen 2 spamming with cautious strike, teams banking on a heavily boosted Dracoceratops and my Alankylosaurus actually being useful!

Also, the Stegod vs Trago slug fests that seem to last forever.

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I had a similar one - my level 20 Mammotherium vs opponent’s level 25 Trago.

Dig in, ferocious strike, impact, repeat.

Group shields, attack, heal, repeat.

Healing moves are the worst in these tournaments. The cooldown for them is too short (when you’re fighting healer vs healer I mean).


So this was my 1st account team with the annoying level 30. The first team I played was low to mid teens so I played the lowest creatures so they got a couple take downs. I had my level 30 Stegodeus but left it on the bench.

I brought it out for the next three teams that had mid 20’s. I won 4 in a row and so I’m done for this weekend.