What an imbalance game!


I am really getting tired of seeing many imbalanced dinos and gameplay. Really was in 4100 trophies and lost 8+ straight fights.

My 75% chance to stun never works but enemy for sure, indominous can’t dodge any but enemy one always.

Then on top dinos like Monomimus, indoraptor (ok I understand he is unique), Dilaronosaurus are really OP. level 18 Dila killed my 2x and 3rd half alone. And on top the speed of these are higher.

I am really sick of this and will give up soon from game if they are not getting balance.


May I have your stuff when you go?


I wouldn’t mind having some of their things either. It’ll definitely put me in a better position for the arena battles.


Then you will start getting frustrated like me :frowning:


I’m gonna quit if you do.


Please suggest how to beat Dilaronosaurus, Monomius and even Rajakolsaurus (the legend one); they all have like really long or almost no cool-down abilities.

My losing streak continues. Won only 2x whereas lost 13+ since last night.



Asking the real question here