What an uninspiring week of

events. Glad to see my VIP dollars are being well spent.

Quest Pass, fill in the blank spaces.

No imagination… I’m sure the community could offer suggestions.

Sure thing.

Suggestion: Get the VIP challenge book for 600 gems, grind out 360 challenges and net over 120K gold and 5-6K gems. And if you’re feeling really ambitious also get the non-VIP challenge book for 800 gems, grind out a further 360 challenges and net another 120K+ gold and 5-6K gems.

720 challenges, 1 dice each time and leave, approximately 2 minutes per go, that’s 1,440 in-game minutes, this translates to exactly 24 hours of actual play that you have to get done in 3 days total.

Get crackin sparky.

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There’s absolutely zero chance any of that will be happening. I’ve plenty of both.

Im looking for ingame content not repetitive blinding, exhausting, super boring endless challenge runs.

So you want to do something, Ludia gave you virtually infinite of something to do, and you don’t want to do it. Gotcha.

What it boils down to is you’re just asking Ludia for more game content, which is endlessly asked by everyone already. And I don’t disagree with you, it’s past time.

They announced a few weeks back that they’re in the process of working on update 16.1, which will feature some type of mode/challenge/explore content - we don’t know yet. There have also been hints to the black dragon. There are multiple events going on right now in addition to the near infinite spellbooks.

This game is all about grinding and leveling up gear repetitively, there can never be enough gold or gems, and it was offered in a massive way with the spellbooks. So I guess I’m just curious what will happen after your new content does come out in 16.1 - and you’ve conquered it all in about 3 days. Back to the grind, or waiting half a year for more content?

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I am hoping 16.1 requires high level characters and has high level of loot. With level 30 being the cap, it should have a higher level of difficulty. Here is hoping.

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Oh man, I’m so hoping for that too.

Ludia should make an extreme mode, so the high level parties have something to do. Make all the dungeons again with 2.5 times harder monsters.
Making content for only the top 50 players when everyone is clamoring for new content would be silly. They could get away with it when they released 3 new dungeons, but releasing one that is forever beyond players sites because of the new abysmally slow progression rate is just going to further alienate the playerbase. It’s not content if nobody ever sees it. As well, such a move would fly in the face of the whole “slow them down” policy when players scramble and grind like crazy in order to try and see the new content.

As long as it took me to get past Lightfinger, I’m not very excited for a new higher dungeon. I spent weeks between attempts strengthening my heroes. I’d move up a boss and then start all over again. Now that it’s done I guess I get to grind the same boss over and over, just like before.

I like the idea of more dungeons, even the same ones but with higher difficulty and better rewards to match. The Black Dragon sounds fun. How about scaling that down so we can all play it?

You just experienced a scaled down raid boss that scales to your level. Bring on 16.1. please.