What are everyone's thoughts on new dinos?

Now that we can see the stats and moves to know exactly what they can do what are your thoughts. I’m personally disappointed in all of them. The flocks look balanced but that just means there is no reason to use them over the other unbalanced flocks. Giganyx is what I was most looking forward to but it looks more like a legendary rather then a unique. I dont think this thing can compete with any current unique in the game

I think this update’s creatures are really balanced and I like it. Giganyx looks really good, it can definitely compete.

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Can you show a pic of it? I can’t get into the game. It crashes. I want to see it not the moves. Thanks.

Photo from IDGT902


I like the giga hybrid, fixed the one design issue i had with tryo :joy: doesn’t have those spikes that look awkward they have been trimmed down abit.

He is no longer a zombie. Noooo


Thanks for sharing! It looks awesome. I was hoping it would owe the zombie look but this is still great.

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Well you can see the stats of the creatures on the jw alive toolbox and I was shock to see that Giga has 5400 HP. The new unique has almost 5000 hp but It cannot compete against albertocevia and indotaurus but it is a solid option to go for.

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