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What are expecting in 1.11?

Here’s what I see happening. It’s not how I would do the update.

I know…I’ve got huge expectations for Ludia this patch lol😏

So new update goes something like…
New features

Feature updates
Pterosaurs can now be placed in sanctuaries confirmed

I’m also expecting some minor changes, something like 25% increase of DNA for mid-higher tiers.

You can now see what alliances are at the top of their game! confirmed sort of

I expect some small minor changes to help leaders with their alliances. Something like a simple “user last seen" in the alliance list.

They’ve seen and heard of our displeasure concerning the arena, so they’ve come up with some ideas :see_no_evil:

I’m thinking something like

  • They’ve added T.I.Ps (Toys, interactions, Food) to the daily battle incubators.
  • They will slightly change the percentages of the machmaking system. So it’s slightly less “team power" reliant.

Ability ajustments

  • Cautious strike
    Cautious strike is losing distraction, and dodge chance becomes 100%.

New Creatures
I don’t have any idea about creatures besides
Woolly Mammoth.
An Epic rending tank with 4700 health, 1100 Damage, 106 speed 10% critical, 0% armor.

New Hybrids

  • Alankylosaurus finally gets a hybrid. It’s a mediocre hybrid without SI Invincibility!
    Other component unown.
  • Dimodactlus gets a Unique hybrid with Klenekin.
  • Phorasaura gets an uniqe superhbrid.
    Other component unown.
  • Allosaurus Gen 2 gets becomes a component in a hybrid.
  • Mammolasmus
    A legendary superhbrid between Tanky Woolly Mammoth and The armord Brontolasmus. Stats are 4500 health, 1100 damage, 108 speed, 40% armor, 20% critical, moves are Defensive stance, rendind impact, Decelerating ramage, shield advantage.
    A few more.

Creature Adjustments
These are just wierd things that Ludia does, but they aren’t exactly all good or bad. Slightly random creatures selected for random changes

  • Indoraptor gen 2 gains 100 Attack in replace of 200 health it loses to compensate for the change to cautious strike Dodge.
  • Alankylosaurus losses 100 attack.
  • Phorasaura gains health and losses attack.
  • Ardontismaxima losses 300 health gains some attack.
  • Geminititan losses 400 attack gains 20% armor.
  • Magnapyritor losses 200 attack.
  • Procerathomimus losses 700 health.
    Monomimus reworked to be distracting dodger.
    Stats become 3180 health, Attack 1100, speed 127, critical 5% moves are Distraction, Impact&run, Instant Distraction, long dogde, SI Distraction.
  • Dracoceratops losses health becoming 2700, gains 100 attack
  • etc.

I expect something outraging to happen hear so…

  • Thoradolosaur gains immune to stuns, losses 300 health.

But anyways what do you expect 1.11 to be like, what do think will be in it. What would you like it to be?


You should see my article about the Woolly Mammoth! It’s called “Woolly Mammoth Must Be Added!”

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I expect disappointment


That’s the spirit!

I though the problem with cautious strike is the speed up and not the distraction but anyways.

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I’m hoping for winter/ice age theme creatures such as the Woolly Mammoth, Woolly Rhino, Cryolophosaurus, Dire Wolves…etc.


puts Ludia glasses on

Sanctuary gets so bugged out that it doesn’t matter that we were supposed to be able to put pterosaurs in it. We won’t be able to put anything in it.

Scents still do not attract park spawns. Furthermore, scents no longer work in Local 2.

Cautious Strike gains ability to bypass cloak/dodge. No nerf happens.

Majungasaurus becomes season reward unexpectedly.

Dracoceratops’ unique gains defense shattering rampage, so now you can have the full kit of rats from Draco G2 to Draco-whatever.

Daily spawns get reduced by 40% again.

Monomimus health gets nerfed.


Nobody said Ludia changes what needs changed lol. Sort of the point.

I am expecting that all of the bugs will be fixed.



More bugs and unfixed bugs and things we didn’t ask for while things we’ve asked for will not be added.


I would say I’m expecting huge disappointment, but even Ludia would be hard pushed to make me any more disappointed than I was after 1.10 was dropped on us.

The reviews online show how many people were so angry at the boost debacle, and people left the game in their droves. What surprises me most about that is Ludia must have known this would happen as they made ai so much more competitive as there would inevitably be less people playing.

So I expect they will find a way that will prey on the gullible to spend more money as the sale of boosts must be at an all time low now.

I also expect some more ridiculously op epic and legendary dinos to allow those with the cash to work towards with incubators offering them every day for a while.

We will be told that they are aware of the chat problems and they are still working on it, along with all the other bugs. But to soften that blow, we will be able to customise the dinos we have with interchangeable skins as it’s what we asked for! Available in store of course at a price!


More bugs?

I am still waiting for the exciting news that they are launching armor and crit boosts. It’s coming…


Yeah, I can’t wait to battle against Thor with armour and an increased crit chance!

And when the rat swaps in with armour and a higher crit chance too it’s gonna be so much fun!


Only things i want in 1.1

•New Cenozoics
•New Hybrids Gen2
•501 bugs fixes

Just this…


If those are released without all of the Dinosaurs being reworked so they are actually, really balanced I will delete the game emediatly!!!

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Want to hear a joke…

That’ll never happen, ludia won’t do any of what you said

Hahaha funny

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To be fair, most big mobile game updates bring at least some bugs.

That would be a nice joke :grin:

That’s the spirit, you have a joke?