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What are "fire" creatures?

often I fight opponents who have creatures “inflamed” always deinocheirus, I have one, it’s moshops, what is the use of the power of “fire” …

Do you mean the revenge ability some creatures have?


its revenge ability, means that something about the move is different once a creature dies before it, like some creatures rampage may have no delay and so they can rampage 2 times in a row, or an impact is turned into a rampage, or reduced damage is extended a turn, etc


If he’s talking about the fire :fire: then that means their on revenge, when a creature dies, it has a move that is on revenge. For example, Revenge Rampage’s revenge part is with no cooldown.

I don’t know if his name is that … it’s when he has a ring of fire around the creatures.

that’s the revenge ability

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It means revenge. Like Deinocherius has Revenge Rampage. When there is the fiery circle around it, it means the current move is on Revenge

are there others like moshops and deinocheirus or not?

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Yes, both of them has a revenge.
And 17 right now, has a revenge move.

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Yes there are dinos that have the revenge move/flame symbol I’ll list them Inostrancevia,Deinocherius,moschops,inostherium,gorgonops,arctops,scutosaurus,antarctopelta,entelochops,acrocanthops,dakotanops,edaphocevia,indominus rex,erlidominus,elirkospyx,Antarctovenator, and gorgotrebax

Whooaw! thanks you :+1::+1::+1: