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What are hackers in this game?

I’ve seen people talk about ‘hackers’ in this game, but I never get a clear idea of what exactly a hacker can do in this game.

Are we only talking about GPS spoofing?
Or are there other things that people can hack?

People seem to throw the term ‘hacker’ around any time something unexplained happens, so just genuinely curious about whether people are just freaking out about spoofing, or something more.

A “spoofer” is just a person who plays from his couch rather than playing normally outside, his margin of progression is just faster than a purely “legit” player, & he can play longer every day.
It is more like “hackers” guys who write programs that can play in their place, there are certainly programs that are exclusively written to perform the automatic battle, but apparently they do not always win :joy:

Mostly people just blame game bugs and connection issues on hackers.

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Lol flag me for explaining something
What is wrong with these people


Do you really explicitly give name of “hacking” tool in the official forum of the game??

It’s not explaining to me it’s showing where to look for. Hopefully it’s so easy to spot that’s not a problem

It’s not hard to google search and find it out in half a second

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hackers are typically, yet not always, people who are better than you at this game.


I don’t say otherwise. But if you don’t see the difference I can’t help

In my experience there is a rather large portion of the player base who dont really understand all the mechanics and how to handle encounters in this game… and its so bad in Sorna… atleast once a day I have someone use crippling distraction on one of my immune dinos followed by a bleed attack.

When these people lose repeatedly its cause of hackers.


lol… that scam has been around since the game released. The currency mechanics are controlled server side so people that try this stuff think they got a sweet deal with vast amount of coins and cash showing on their app, that is until the game synces up and poof all that free money disappears. Then their security coding flags the account and buh bye :wave:.

Geesh… just do what I do and go in debt each month due to my addiction to JWA. I swear I’m going to send the bills to Ludia for my therapy and counseling. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I never understand how or why people think the company won’t detect it when they are messing with the code. Pretty sure all games would have that in place, just a matter of whether and when they decide to identify cheaters and do something about it

OMG I remeber some months ago I was so frustrated of Indominus Rex dodging my attacks, that I use my Sucotator’s instant cripple against him before the massive attack just to rise my white flag to end the fight! :rofl:


Joined a certain discord channel to report accounts. You would be surprised what’s going on!

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Please enlighten me - i’d like to know what’s going on. I’m sure tons of people have started alt accounts and spoof on them to build up dna to give to themselves, but that seems like a good way to get your main account flagged. Just track dna donations from flagged accounts and then see who it always gives to. And the auto targeting, I don’t know how that could be stopped. I wonder how many people started using that on Android 9 phones since ludia broke darting on them and still hasn’t fixed it. From my understanding on how that works they would either have to read what other apps are running on the phone (not allowed by tos) or just block rooted devices like pogo did. Spoofing, alt spoofing and that other app are the only ways I know, so it’d be cool to hear what else is out there.

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Generating in-game currencies and selling accounts for $

They are all ready assembling teams to do same thing with wizards unite as soon as it drops ROFL these guys suck!

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I would say most if not all so called ‘hackers’ are basically just spoofers and they are really not that difficult to catch if Ludia want to. Spoofing softwares left breadcrumbs everywhere. Pretty much every spoofer got caught in Pokémon go.

And of course there are always kids who start yelling cheaters and hackers every time they lost more than 2 games in a row…

Selling accounts happens in all games, it’s not hacking. Generating in game currency, not sure how that could happen outside of spoofing and just maxing out in everything every day. Unfortunately unless spoofers jump all over, they’re hard to catch. Ludia would do better to just detect and block jailbroken and rooted phones. It would stop a lot, not all, at least for a while.

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Pogo is still full of spoofers. One thing that helped was Android iOS exposed mock locations enabled to apps, making it hard/impossible to spoof on Android devices over a certain version. They also block rooted and jailbroken phones I believe, which makes it so they have to hide the jailbreak, but there’s still plenty of people spoofing in Pogo.


Of course they are spoofing, the worst penalty they got is 1 month ban, and most of the time is just a week ban. I think they did catch most of them, just the penalty is not harsh enough (pogo is not exactly a competitive game So the protest from players are not really that bad)