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What are minimum requirements of creatures to win a any tournament

I am a lvl 53 player and i want to know minimum lvl of creatures required to win a tournament


it depends on what stage ur at.
1- mild commons
2- best commons
3- strong rares
4- super rares
5- legendaries
6- shiny legendaries and VIP creatures

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Welcome to the Forum. You can win matches with as little as level 10 VIPs or lose matches with as much as level 30 of the same in the Dominator leagues.

It depends on your experience.

As for your park level, I wouldn’t be so sure you should focus on finishing in Dominator for Tournaments right now assuming you still have a lineup with little creatures of VIP level 10 ferocity and above. Unlock more Legendary creatures, reach level 60 to participate and unlock Clash of Titans, open Solid Gold packs to collect more VIPs, and from there you will be able to round up creatures that can help you in Tournaments.

Also, Lineup depth is necessary so that you have a lot more creatures you can use in one session of playing. @Sionsith makes the necessary trophy cutoff predictions so that you know when you can understand your playing has been sufficient or if you need to grind more.

Good luck!


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I managed to score dominator in dilo g2 and titanoboa tournaments with just a team of level 10 vips, 30 legendaries and to some extant level 40 super rares and common hybrids. This is for winning in top of predator league so not as good if you want to continue battling in dominator for a more secure finish.

Technically it can done with weaker Dinos (I almost did it with stuff like level 3 vips and level 40 super rares etc) but it’s reliant on luck and not recommended because you’re more likely to end up with a headache then a dominator finish.

So focus on getting a lot of level 30 legendaries and rare hybrids and level 20 tournaments and super rare hybrids which you can fuse up later on for a more dominator worthy team.

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What folks have said above is correct for a standard Jurassic tournament. What is required will vary depending on the type of tournament. For instance this weekends tournament is a bracketed tournament, I don’t remember the level cutoff but if it is at 60 you will be in the lower bracket and your battles will be very easy when compared to a standard tournament. Then there are the elusive rules tournaments as well as Cenozoic and Aquatic tournaments, also elusive right now it seems. But the type of tournament will have a major effect on what would be required to finish in Dominator.


This has been discussed countless times, do a search, there is even some info already in the pined thread at the top of the general forum.

One quick thing is that aquatic and jurassic tournaments are vastly different in the firepower you have to bring so no one size fits all

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Thank u to everyone for their opinion and also for welcoming me

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