What are people using for the advanced buff trail

I have most of the creatures at this point some getting close to level 30 but my best creature for this weeks trial is indoraptor gen 2 at level 18 and I don’t know what else people are using

I ran Tryo.

10 characters

level 13 gorgosuchus
barely won!

Easy peasy


i ran a lv 21 gorgosuchus. I tried indo g2 and lost. (i didn’t plan well for the deodic.)

Decent tryos, works wonders

it was quite easy for me
and i only have 1 legendary
if a relatively new player can do it, you can too

A level 16 keratoporcus did the job easily

i won using my level.15 gorgosuchus. its not that hard. im only level 14.

I joined the Tryo club I guess. Won me it easy peasy

Tryostronix is the best choice

Level 15 baryonyx destroyed it. Move order below

DSS -> DSR -> GT -> DSR -> DSS -> DSR

According to my calculations even a level 11 bary can also work. But it has to be the Gen 1

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Just used Tryo

Wow everyone’s using tryo aren’t they. Cmon people get some variety! Lol

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16 keratoporcus


Gorgosuchus or tryostonix.

I used level 15 indom g2 and it works fine.

Which one of the trial? Was it the one with doedicurus and concavenator?