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What are peoples feelings on the status of the battling system

I am looking forward to the update because I feel as though the battles are getting stagnant. I am at ~4k trophies and I just keep battling the same dinosaurs.

  1. Level 21 to 23 indoraptor
  2. level 21-25 stegodeus
  3. Level 20 indonimus
  4. Lesser amounts of Allosinosaurus and a few others.

It is mostly the first three that are just boring to keep battling. I removed stegodeus and indonimus from my team because I wanted a new challenge.

I feel the game is also stagnant because at this trophy level the game is heavily dependent on luck rather than skill. I go on huge win and loss streaks (3800-4200 trophies) depending on

  1. if my opponents cloak and evasive moves work or
  2. If I receive my nullifiers on my team, and
  3. If they have multiple cloak/evasive dinosaurs and I am forced to use nullifiers early.

How do other people feel about where they are in trophies? I assume it is better in lower arenas and worse in upper arenas.

Also on a side note, lets keep this civil. I am interested in other people’s thoughts on battling and not people complaining about what they perceive as complainers.


It rocks there are so many options of strats! Your likely seeing all the same Dino’s as that’s what works at that trophy range! Rng is only a factor if you rely on it to win a match! At 4.7k trophies there is a huge variety! I haven’t faced the same team over and over since Lockwood(prob cause unique are so hard to make and there are more than 8 of them!)

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I actually don’t battle much. I spend most of my time on JWA building my team and doing Strike Towers. I’m not a competitive player.


U ever face a level 25 ornithomimus? That’s the kind of horror I face now


I don’t enjoy battling because strategy means very little when luck mechanics seem to hit more often than they should costing the battle. Battling high level players that intentionally climb up and down the trophy ladder is not fun either as they are either intentionally losing or near impossible to beat.

I do enjoy some friendly battles though.


I hate when you build a strategy, swap your dinos, count damage and predict moves and your opponent win just because their indo dodges 3 times in a row and your doesn’t dodge at all.

If somebody wants to argue about nullifying creatures, go for it and describe your moves since my indo 27 is already at the field against your 3rd dino without nullifying attacks. Swap and try to win.

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I have atleast when you nullify an indorap or mono its stays nullified… orni just does evasive strike again had an orni dodge 10 times in a match against me… by the end of the match all i could do is shake my head.


I’m at 3301 (down from 3771 just a few days ago) and I usually face the exact same dinosaurs at the exact same levels.

I love the strategy part of the game, but hate how often it’s down to pure luck. I wish the evasive moves were more like other games of this nature - about a 30% chance instead.

I also find it strange that, despite being at completely different trophy range, we’re facing the same dinosaurs.


Really the problem is that there aren’t enough viable options so we keep seeing the same dinosaurs over and over again.


I absolutely hate the evasive and dodging strategies so prevalent in this game . I know there are those who will say adapt your strategy and use nullifies etc… but it’s not possible as you don’t get to choose which 4 Dino’s get to fight . So you often end up with a bleeder , a tank , a nullifier and an evasive fighter . So does your opponent , more often than not the same Dino’s at the same levels so you rely on connection speed and who can hit their buttons faster ! And then it’s down to rng which may end up 50/50 in the long run but always seems like it’s against you when you’re on a losing streak .
I’m seriously considering dropping the battling as it does get me down more often than not which is a shame as I’ve played it since it was launched . There really ought to be a much better way to utilize more of the Dino’s efficiently . Instead we have an elite half a dozen at every level that everyone uses making it boring and down to rng instead of skill and judgement .


I cant properly state how I feel about the battle system, because the comment would immediately be hidden and censored. It’s actually hilarious that anyone would even try to defend it. It’s a mess of rng which actually seems to favour the worse plays that are more luck dependent. Make a move that only has a 5% chance of winning you the game? you got it. Make a move that has an 80% chance of winning the game? Too bad. Evasion is everywhere, it’s pathetic that a mechanic based solely on a 50/50 coin toss is one of the ‘best’ abilities in the game, and now they’re adding another evasion hybrid? I already deal with people bringing indominus, indoraptor AND monomimus to battle and now I’ll have another added on? Freaking great. And dont get me started on Dracorex G2. A part of me actually wonders if Ludia are intentionally self-sabotaging here so they can be done with this game and move on to their next cash grab.


I mean Indominus and Indoraptor aren’t that bad…

Wait until you get into the 4700 trophy range. Every. Single. Damned. Team…

Has minimum one, multiple or all of the 5 overpowered creatures:
Diloracheirus, Utarinex, Dracorat Gen 2, Trykosaurus and Tragodistis.

Literally. Every. Single. One.

They seriously need to balance those five out. Diloracheirus needs multiple stats nerf or more preferably one Stat nerf (speed) and superiority strike changed into minor speedup strike. Utarinex needs a some Stat tweaking as well as Trykosaurus, but nothing as serious as Diloracheirus. Tragobeachtis has absolutely no right to exist with that speed as a tank.

Dracorat… Just make it locked down for 2 turns and it is fine.

Other than that, the balance seems pretty okay to me. One thing they should do is just throw interspecies speed ties out of the window, because it already means nothing, ever since the higher rarity goes first bullcrap. Just decide what is faster than what and call it a day.

I’m not surprised someone flagged your post !
No one is calling for nerfs or buffs . What we are saying is that if more more evenly matched dinosaurs were available then it would make the battling a better experience .
So each unique would have the same opportunity as the next to win , albeit is a different way . But as it stands there are a few elite uniques and a few diabolically bad ones too . So everyone goes for the elite ones obviously , and everyone has the same teams !
Exactly the same with legendaries .
It’s not for no reason that if you look at the eight Dino’s in the top 500 that the same Dino’s come up time and time again . Theoretically if there was a more even balance you would be seeing very different teams of eight .

Lvl 28 Suchotator at 4400 trophies is horror. Faced it 20 minutes ago. :grin:
Overleveled like Stegodeus before 1.5.


I just think the trophy system is completely broken. They need to balance it better. Risking losing 59 trophies or only gaining 1 trophy from an opponent is just garbage in my eyes. I fight the same dinos all the time though where I’m at. Can’t blame people for wanting to use what they think is the best.


Open upper arena is a mistake. You can face normally beatable opponent or get your butt served by way higher dinos.
Variety won’t change no matter how they try. People always want to have best, easiest dinos to use.

Matchmaking isn’t good, but expecting that you will face same lvl dinos as yours is nonsense.


U poor soul, hope u don’t have to see anything like that till some of ur Dino’s r 28

I’m used to everything already, bouncing between Lockwood and Aviary. This just wasn’t expected.

This is the way the game has been designed. Lower arenas are the most fun because you can use more variety and customised strategy. Once you hit a number of trophies you need dinos A and B to progress. Once you get to the next arena you need dinos C + D. In the end everybody use the same 8-9 dinos and the difference comes from dino level, RNG and skill (in this order).

This is never going to change. With new updates you get new dinos but that doesn’t mean more variety, because meta will soon reach a new equilibrium. Back to the same 8-9 dinos, with the only difference that some of the old ones may have become obsolete and replaced.

Welcome to JWA!!!

I’m +/- 5,000 right now and have only one of those on my team… Tragodistis (level 28). You need high level tanks to make it here… and I love to use my 27 Indoraptor, 22 Indominus and 28 Suchotator.

Of the dinos listed only Tryko makes me cringe… which is why I can’t wait to get my own, which will be a while (I don’t live in L5).

One of the biggest problems, much mentioned but so far ignored, is same level/species speed tie. I swear I always lose :rage: I’d rather take my chance with 50% rng than a 100% disadvantage.