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What are peoples feelings on the status of the battling system

You hit it on the head for one of the most irritating things to me anyway. Whomever hits the button first goes first. Too many variables ie internet speed or device used. I like to put some thought into the first move especially. Well plus, i’m not that fast when it comes to that kinda thing :joy:


What’s weird is some said if you’re closer to Ludia’s servers you have speed advantage. Well, I’m in the same time zone… but many times alliance members in the UK go first. But maybe they have faster internet? My phone (S9+) should be fast enough?! Either way, factors we can’t control. I’d rather take RNG!

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I wouldn’t even mind if a unique took precedence than legendary, rare and last common to be the main deciding factor. If speed was the only deciding factor unique vs unique so be it, but at least it would happen less often. Although that may already be the case? It happens often enough, but I never noticed if it matters.

25 below here and has been a long day…