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What are some creatures everyone says are bad but you think are good?

these are characters

Entelolania, Antarctovenator, Acrocanthrops


Alanqa, Stygidaryx, Dracoceratosaurus, Erlidominus, Poukandactylus, Smilonembys, Poukadei

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Rajyklo, Erlidom

I agree


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My new love.


entelolania and testa

Me, Myself, and I
even tho I am pretty much deemed the worst unique here: Who do you think is the weakest unique in the game?
I usually am able to take out my opponents first creature, sometimes 1 and take next to half health, sometimes 2, and very very rarely 3, I think I’ve even taken out my opponents whole team maybe 1 or 2 times, but I can understand why I am deemed the worst by most
Others I guess are the eagle hybrids using the eagle rig, maybe majundaboa since its sometimes underrated


Entelolania is generaly considerd pretty good since the buff, so i don’t think thats the best example


Yeah, most people now consider ELania a solid High Elite tier, bordering on Tyrant. It’s definitely not considered a slouch anymore.

Personally, my two “underrated” favorites are Testacornibus and Maxima. Neither are what I would call “amazing,” but a lot of people tend to undervalue them both. Maxima is understandable as it used to be a monster, but now that it’s more reasonable, it seems comparatively quite weak even though it’s still solid. Testa is surprisingly good as well–it’s very similar to ELania with better resistances (but worse Health/Damage), and it benefits pretty considerably from swaps. If it had slightly more HP or Damage, Testa would honestly be a monster as well.


Yeah, it works great also :smiley:


Tuoramoloch, Erlidominus

Vexus is hugely underrated and one of my main counters against the high-health monsters that can’t cleanse: Magnus, Maxima, Gemini, Dio, and Tryko. Especially since it can’t be slowed.

I wish it hadn’t been nerfed so bad (health and attack) because it struggles to survive huge hits from anything that has max attack boosts. Fingers crossed that it will get some tweaks in the next update.

Testa and Rinex are two others that I love playing, though Testa isn’t strong enough for my PvP team. Rinex was my first lvl 30 and the buff to 20% crit really made it worth keeping (I almost took it off my team before that). I wish it had more solid resistances though.

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Allosino, unique deer and phosora

My Spinoconstrictor has taken out 3 dinos in the same fight before. Here are the stats

If you don’t mind me asking, what are your Spinoconstrictor’s stats?


Ankylocodon and gamma

Screenshot_20210504-174619_JW Alive
Ta-Da!!!Here ya go! So yeah, so far fully boosted and it will remain boosted this way until a boost reshuffle or something. Not sure if I have it boosted the best way but it has been working for me quite well in the arena. Anyone got any suggestions on what they would deem the best way to boost spinoconstrictor possibly for when a boost reshuffle comes around again?
also love yours btw


how did you take out 3 dinos with constrictor? like that’s amazing since it’s not really a strong creature :0

I’m actually 10 away from getting Spinoconstrictor to lvl 24. I became a very happy fellow after getting 1,750 Titanaboa dna from the season. I’m estimating that I’ll get it to lvl 26 when I run out of the snek dna.

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i think that speed it’s not really an important thing on constrictor since it’s not a speedster mine has 134 speed and for now that’s enough, i always think that damage it’s the best way to go mostly for the on escape