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What are some creatures everyone says are bad but you think are good?

The dinos were around the same lvl as mine (This was back when my snek was at lvl 22). There was a Thor and another heavy hitter, also a resilient. The Thor didn’t get the stun on me and I also have a good strat with dealing with em.

Yes, the snek dna from last season will prove very helpful on leveling myself up, haven’t used it yet so I’m gonna guess I can get to 26 for sure, maybe 27 if I’m lucky enough
good luck with ur snek btw

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what’s your strat? I really need to know it lol

I now keep running out of Dilo Gen 2 and Spino, which is pretty rare…

Yeah I agree the damage helps, I just have been increasing the speed a bit to help deal with metrodons magnas and other speedy bois since I have mainly been seeing creatures around +130 speed. Though I think healh may help a bit so it can survive a bit longer and get off a counter

Oh yeah haha that was basically me when I was starting to create it. I now just have an unlimited supply of dilo 2 dna since I’ve just been darting it whenever I see it, and by the end of the month I should have a fair chunk thank’s to the tournament, and spino dna I just collect through darting since I usually see spino 2-3 times a week and I request it since I don’t think my alliance mates have much use for it lol

Evasive Stance (When it works), predict the Instant Charge, dodge it and go for Distracting Srike, go for Distracting strike again, and depending on how much health it has, go for either distracting strike or the Rampage.

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This week is pretty good if you want Spino dna.

i never tried to win the speed race of magna metrodon and spyx, cause it’s not worthy i guess lol? for me attack and health and much necessary for specially resilients like tryko for example

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oh yeah that’s understandable, but I think I’ve figured out a way to deal with tanky resils like maxima or tryko. Since I’m usually faster I just go for a rampage, they deal a resilient move/slowing move, I get a counter off and so they are then usually in range for another counter to kill them, and so then I go for instand distraction since my opponents usually go for a dsr to finish me off or in maxima’s case sometimes a resilient strike, either way they’d usually die to the bleed. And so with the cunnings, I usually have my own plan for magna and metrodon if I’m faster, but with spyx I’m usually dead since it can outspeed me and I can’t do nothing about it lol. So I may start going for attack and bulk now that 140 is most likely enough

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Grylenken, inostherium, alloraptor, testacornibus, keratoporcus, tyrannolophosaur, velosrhacos, majundaboa, ankylodicurus

Antarctovenator is actually pretty good

It needs a buff. For on-escape rampage and some stun resistance. Both from the epic boa no idea why it didn’t get those. And it needs its acid spit animation back. I have lvl 30 but can’t really use it where I am.

I wholeheartedly agree with all of that, but I am curious, there was a spit animation???
I need to see this, I only unlocked spinocon in october so I guess I didn’t see this. Any idea of a YT video or something that showcases this???

Probably in my video of it lol.

They changed it up used to have side step and an acid spit animation. All this snake needs is a onescape rampage and stun resistance. It could help balance out this swap heavy stuff.


My god, I really wish they kept the animation! its like a spitting cobra! fascinating indeed, thank you! I can agree that stun resistance would be nice, especially to deal with thors as spinocon was my main counter for them before they got bleed resis, maybe cunning strike? and on escape rampage I don’t mind, maybe it can keep the dodge part? i don’t know if that’s balanced or not but I’m fine with it either way


As it stands a strike non piercing attack on escape isn’t that threatening. When the swapper such as mrhino will stun it and most have resilient to clear the dodge.

Now something like on-escape acidic rampage (give its spit anim back for this) that would pierce armor rampage when opponent tries to swap. That will make them consider not swapping out lol. Either way…Same here want a buff.


That could probably solo someone’s team in the lower arena’s

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Moschops is a actually pretty good creature. He is really useful in rare only tournaments. Porcus is also a good creature for legendary raids. At least from my personal experience

I loved that animation on the left, one of the best in the game in my opinion