What are some funny/unique ways you've used to ask someone out?

Going on dates is a huge part of Lovelink, so let’s share some of the funny/unique ways we’ve asked someone out. I’ll start:
When I went to (UK) college, I became good friends with a girl who wasn’t in my class; we got on really well, so well that after a while, I started developing feelings for her, so I decided to ask her out. The only thing is I’m not the most confident person in the world, so I decided to use humour as a buffer. So during lunch one day, we got on the bus into town and went shopping; while we were walking through the shop, we walked past the fruit section, and I picked up a bag of dates and said to her, “Would you like to go date with me?” And the best part is she said yes. And while we’re not dating anymore, we’re still good friends

I met this woman through a Facebook game we chatted and flirted in game and found out we had chemistry so it became a real life relationship

Oh man.

Buckle up, Kids! :rofl:

In middle school I had a massive crush but I was hyper nerd and he was a jock. I mean we’re talking spending lunch playing DnD hyper nerd.

Anyway! Had the huge crush but never had the guts to say anything. Over summer before high-school I blossomed and gained the confidence to finally speak up. Spent some time getting to know him, poking around the field during practice and such. We got close and I heard rumor that he was going to ask me out. He didn’t. Months later things are getting weird between us and I figure it’s because he doesn’t like me.

I went to his buddies and learned he does but he’s shy too. We formulated a plan. For weeks his friends would dress up like me and disrupt his classes. They would show up to his class dressed like me, hit on him, giggle, call him pet names and generally just mess with him until the teacher finally kicked them out. In the halls they would see me and tell me I looked great and we were super cute but I had to stop showing up to his classes. I play dumb. One day I’m sitting in drama when a group of girls dressed like my crush come in. They start hitting on me and what not and I’m dying. Something between complete tomato red embarrassment and laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. They did this for weeks.

Long story short, they put on their own play in which he asked me to the dance. Turns out all of our friends decided to do the flirting for us by being us. We dated for almost two years after. Lots of pranks pulled on each other.

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That sounds like something that would happen in a Sitcom :rofl: