What are some improvements that can be done on the flying dinos?


Any way they can be made to be more formidable in battle? Just a curious question.



If there the swap in Dino’s. Let them swap in shield and attack. That be cool. Or more unique swap in ability’s.

A whirlwind attack would be cool too making the team dino auto swap


You need lots of flyers spawning. So they can catch up.

Flyers stats are all wrong game doesn’t need carcasses. Make them viable first. Rare flyer equal to rare Dino. Then add the SIA extra so there is a reason to level them up. SIA should be no more than icing. It’s probably fine now it’s the stats that are bad.


The stats are terrible indeed and their reasoning are off when they said its to compensate for their Sia. If creatures with Sia attacks during swap in I would say its justified. But now all they do is do a buff or debuff but doesn’t hurt enemy. It’s still giving opponent a free hit on a creature with worse stats!


You would imagine flying dinosaurs are fast creatures, but no, ludia makes them almost as slow as a t.rex. Logic > 9000


They really made flyers bad. Their stats are bad in all ways. Attack is lower than that of tanks while hp is around hp of tankbusters (glassy). Their speed is a joke. At least they could make both epics (Alanka and Pteranodon) and both legendary hybrids useful.

I think flyers should be like raptors, fast, great damage but glassy.