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What are the 125 bug fixes that were addressed?

Hello @Ludia_Developers & support

Can we have a list of the bug fixes that were addressed in the upcoming 1.8 update? I know 125 things is a lot to list but it couldn’t take anymore time than it did to type the information for all the lovely new additions to the game and the Q&A thread too.

I believe a lot of us year long players are more interested in getting our games running smoothly and properly opposed to getting new shiny goodies.

I know for 1 I’d love my iPhone 6 to work as it did prior to 1.7 and now all these new additions in 1.8 will probably make the game just not work at all.

Thanks for the support,



I’m kinda worried that the iphone6 issue is listed as a “known issue” now. After being told they are actively working on it, really disappointed that just gets listed this way, rather than at least mentioning a plan for how to deal with it.

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100% agree. All I was hoping from this update was the iPhone 6 issue to be fixed. Instead we get things we didn’t ask for. Sure it may end up being good or it could make the game not work at all since it barely works now. But we as iPhone 6 users are in that “small amount of the player base” so who cares we are daily loyal players and all.

some people didn’t like my joke, i don’t know why. a little humor is good for everyone. this is a game, anyway. so let me say another nice thing:

“don’t worry… be happy… cause every little thing, is gonna be alright!” :notes:


@Ludia_Developers @Jorge Can we also have a list of known bugs that have not been adressed please?

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I expect in these 125 at least.
-Iphone crash
-mammal animation slow and crash
-The battle where your option disappear and no times forcing you to restart your app
-The timed out when you are in battle
-the 'can’t push the IA button"
these are THE one i want disappear for 1.8
Then,i will probably find this game good again


Well, the only “known” bug(s) that weren’t fixed were the iPhone crash issues because it was listed as a “known” issue. By this Ludia is saying “we know you iPhone 6 can’t handle our game so please don’t email us to death about it anymore because we’ve listed it as a ‘known’ issue.”

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Was this one of the fixes? Creatures spawning on top of each other.
image image

Dinosaurs spawning inside strike towers. Was this fixed finally?

i guess that’s a “no” because they haven’t fixed anything.

-Chat scrolling messed up still.
-battling then trying to chat and your message not sending still messed up.
-“dino mating” still messed up.

i think they only fix things like spinning a supply drop then darting a dino then being able to spin the same drop again before cooldown…remember that? best bug ever that got fixed awfully fast.

Dino in strike tower was fixed a while back. I did have a tany in a sanctuary that I couldn’t get.

It wasn’t for me. The pics I posted were from last week or whenever I made the thread. Same day.

Probably 125 tooltip fixes since they cant even fix the 7 month old alliance chat bug -_-


“still waiting on that heifer julio”

They still spawn on the towers but you should be able to actually tap them now to be able to dart them. At least that’s the case for me.

The base isn’t part of the clickable area any more, just the cylinder; can be a little tricky at times but not had a single creature I couldn’t access since they changed it.

Leave him alone! Can’t you see he’s trying to use the litter box?





500 new bugs they created in patch 1.9 but hey at least 375 bugs were fixed…


Oh bundles of joy. I wonder if the coins showing in your account and then disappearing are one of the hundreds of bugs. Support just shows me facts and data and my eyes are lying to me I suppose. Although it happened to me twice and 2 other players.

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