What are the abbreviations?

for example recently i called tournament creatures “gold unlocks” and “full golds” and vip creatures “half golds” (ik thats what my brother taught me)
The only other ones i know are db dino bucks and af apatosaurus statue, what are the other ones?

PvP = player v player
PvE = player v events
COT = clash of titans
CT = custom trade
AF = Apatosaur fossil

Those are the ones youl see most on the forums.


LP - loyalty points
TH - trade harbour
SV - stakeholders visit
Some of the ones I’ve seen used by multiple people.


Forgot about a few others too…

F4F = fight for funds
RR = rarity rumble
TYS = test your strength
CYT = claim your territory
BSI = battle stage infinite


For me:

vip = diamond
tournament = platinum
super rare = silver
common = zinc

and the rest r the same

AFS = Average Ferocity Score
SDNA = Super DNA
Segno = Segnosuchus
Gorgo = Gorgosuchus
10 char or 10 (and some phrase) = something added to make a post at least 10 charterers long when a simple yes or no would have sufficed.


oh wow ok thanks this helps me a lot to understand stuff, thanks!

im a relatively new player, i remember i played in the very first year when indo was best, but i got to level cap and since indo beat everything it was boring, stopped playing
and then now…. Theres like more stuff to do… so i dont really know a lot of abbreviations bc i forgot them, thanks for reminding me

i keep hearing in the trade harbor forum thingy everyones like “trade 1 af for like 300 db” and i was like soo confused lol

Af is apatosaurus fossil. It is the most expensive decoration you can buy with coins and generates the best trade value.

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JH = John Hammond Statue
Flyer = Pterosaur


also can “cd” be used for cooldown bc i hear it used a lot for chanya diogo thingy the person in the trade harbor

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CD - Chaya Diogo
SR - Super rare
Metria - Metriaphodon/Metriacanthosaurus/Metrialong

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Pretty much everyone here uses it as Cooldown, as it’s a prevalent term across multiple games.

The simple formula for abbreviations is if a significant item/resource/dino/word can be condensed down.

For example T-rex = Tyrannosaurus Rex but no one wants to type that every time they want to mention T-rex. Same just goes for events, other dinos, resources.