What are the best boosted dinos?

I’ve been saving my boosts and I just don’t know which Dino’s to commit to. I could boost Thor to the moon but is he really better than say Quetzorion? How do I know which one performs better with 4 or 5 levels of boosts? Game press does the Tier list but that is without boosts, I feel like they should do a list with boosts applied. Does anyone have suggestions on what boosted Dino’s have worked best for you in the upper arenas?

the problem with doing a list with boosts is the sheer amount of possibilities and match ups that can come out of it. it would take way too much time in between patches.

the base tier list shows you roughly how well each creature does in comparison to the tiers above it, and below it.

thor honestly isn’t that great. yeah, you can boost it to the moon, but it still gets beat by a lot of other stuff also boosted to the moon. it will do its job of dishing out damage, but it’s hurt by basically every negative effect out there. and the fact that instant charge will only help it in small cases.

What orion has going for it is it is more versatile. Armor piercing, Invincibility, Nullifying, dodge+ speed up, high speed, an immunity and swap utility.

ultimately it is your decision, but thor will get outclassed by similarly boosted dinos in the tiers above it.

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A tier list with boosts is no different from a tier list without them. You need to assume everything has the same amount of boosts applied. Can’t just say “thor is high tyrant because if you speed boost it and don’t speed boost anything else its overpowered” because that’s not fair.

Just fought a thor boosted to 145 speed, same speed as my fastest creature (erlidom). Matched against my boosted adentis, thor couldn’t do much after being slowed. opp kept swapping it out, and lost the match. On the other hand, if I did not put out adentis first, tat thor could have potentially swept my team. Tat opp chose to go for this strategy, so perhaps think of your playstyle, it might give you boosting directions.

Easiest way to find out which dinosaurs are ridiculously strong, is to read the forums and take note of the 100s of complaints about them, that tends to be a sign that something is too strong.

Though personally I would try avoid becoming part of the problem if can be helped, though I realise this isn’t always possible.