What are the best hybrids in the game to make at lv 50?

I just got to level 50 and was wondering which hybrids were worth making, and which were not?

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They all have their uses.

Ludia loves to use rarity or class-specific events. So, those hybrids that check those boxes would be the most valuable in those situations. For example, we’ve had a rare-only tournament and a common and rare-only tournament. Rare hybrids and super-hybrids were needed for a Dominator finish. The common hybrids definitely helped expand the roster of possible winning teams, but they were often overpowered by the AI. We’ve also had a carnivore-only tournament, two carnivore and herbivore only tournaments, and a carnivore and amphibian only tournament. Carnivore and amphibian hybrids, respectively, were quite dominant in those events.

Even if your not worried about specialized tournaments, yet, the game rewards balance. Therefore neglecting one area of the game could come back to haunt you. For example, we could have a super-rare only event. If your highest super-rares are herbivores, that’s likely what the opponent strength will be based off of. That’s fine is you have class advantage (opponents are pterosaurs). It will be challenging if the opponents are neutral (opponents are herbivores and/or amphibians). It will be devastating if the AI has class advantage (opponents are carnivores).

Other factors to consider. Some hybrids qualify for badges to expand the badge beacon. Others, do not (yet). Some hybrids are essential to gaining super-hybrids. If you’re looking for just the most powerful, the higher the rarity, the higher the Ferocity score, for the most part, with Indoraptor way off by itself at the top and the common hybrids at the bottom. The downside to that high ferocity are the increased cooldown times. A pen full of weaker creatures with a quick-cooldown time will likely be more valuable more often than a high-ferocity “lone ranger” that takes forever to cooldown after use.

If you look at useable events, Jurassic has many more weekly events than Aquatic and Cenozoic combined. So, from that standpoint, Jurassic is more important than the other two. But again, we’ve had Cenozoic and Aquatic (including an Aquatic super-rare only) tournaments in the past. The appropriate hybrids certainly help.

Ludia has also been known to play games with minimum levels for participation. Twice creatures had to have a minimum level of 11 in order to be useable in a tournament. What Ludia has done once, they can certainly do again. And they could always come up with a new way to bedevil, I mean, entertain us.

How you prioritize the hybrids is going to come down to your gameplay goals.

Edit: In many ways this game rewards patience and redundancy. If you advance too quickly, the game will punish you for it. When leveling up my creatures and evolving hybrids, I started at the bottom (using DNA cost as my order) and have been working my way up. I made sure to get a second level 40 before evolving the hybrid. After about 18 months I’ve just started getting the tournament hybrids. That said, I have at a minimum 4 copies (1 level 40 and 3 level 30s) of each of the common, rare, and super-rare hybrids. As I reach the Legendary and Tournament Legendary hybrids along with the Cenozoics and Aquatics, I’ll work toward a similar arrangement. This slow process has kept me out of a lot of trouble while allowing me to be competitive in all of those specialized events.


At level 50 I assume resources are scarce. So I would go for the hybrids u already can make (and need) because you have both needed level 40 creatures. This game gives plenty of creatures for free by tournaments, battling and packs, so eventually all dino’s will come to you, and maybe you better not “waste” precious DNA on dino’s you will get eventually. U really need that DNA later on to purchase multiple copies of the hybrids, because they are really hard to get through other means and they are expensive. But just my 2 cents, this game gives a lot of freedom how to play, so I hope you find yours as well. Enjoy!

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I don’t find the common hybrids of much use especially late in the game other than rarity specific events, but even then i typically get by fine without them. JMO

As you get further in the game and evolve your park the rare hybrids are typically still useful, in PvE, tournaments and playing in dominator you name it. The lowest rare hybrid at lvl 40 has fairly similar ferocity to a lvl 40 t-rex and it just goes up from there. The Carnoraptor IMO is one of the best. bang for you buck dino’s in the game, and very useful at lvl 30 which is nice.

In short, any of the rare hybrids and up are all good, just be aware of what lvl you would like/need them to be at to strengthen your team.

Example, i have been working on the legendary hybrids as of recent and getting more dino’s into my current highest ferocity range. I already have a couple lvl 20 Legendary hybrids and they are the higher ferocity ones. I-rex, Osta, Priotrodon, Rasta. I recently made my 1st Suchoripterus and got it to lvl 20. At lvl 20 it is comparable to lvl 40 legendaries which i have all of so it will need to be somewhere between lvl 21 and 30 for it to really strengthen my current lineup which means i need 2 more 4 total to get into that lvl range.

Another example. To make an I-rex, you will need to use a lvl40 t-rex. The end result is a lvl 10 I-rex that is weaker than the lvl 40 T-rex you used to make it. With that being said, sometimes it’s better to wait to make a hybrid until you have 2 of the parent dinos and can make 1 hybrid and buy another right away. Then you still have a lvl 40 parent dino to use

Planning ahead is never a bad thing, have a goal in mind.

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For rare, I find diplotators and carnoraptors very useful.

Super rare, supranotitan and stegoceratops are my favorites.

Legendary, they all have their perks. The I-Rex is a good one to pursue as it scales up well and has a good balance of health/attach/cost and scalability.

My main battle army is made of five dinos, in bulk. Gorgosuchus, Indoraptors, Metraiphodons, and Segnosuches.

It’s also important to keep in mind which ones lead to superhybrids. The superhybrids are awesome for play as they come in pretty strong at level 10 even and exist outside the regular resource streams.

These are:
Stegoceratops leads to monostegatops
I-Rex leads to indoraptor
Spinoraptor leads to Spinatosuchus
Diplotator leads to diplosuchus
Tapejalosaurus leads to the tapejalocephalus


I have I-rex lv 30 and 2 lv 10
Have all those hybrids

At park level 50, you likely only has a few unlocked. Which ever ones fill in missing holes.

To be honest, hybrids hatch fast, but use a ton of DNA.

If you have hatchery space, do the best non-hybrids you need right now.

If it is full, hybrids. But make sure to leave a DNA “reserve” for evolving in case you run into a dry spell.

I unlocked t rex before they moved it to lv 54

The difficulty of your opponents depends of the ferocity of your best dinosaurs. Try to have a many dinosaurs of close to even ferocity at the top and level them evenly. Do not build one tough dinosaur that stands far above the rest in terms of power.

you need:indominus rex spinoraptor tapejalosaurus
you don’t need:suchipterus secondontosaurus