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What are the best tournament creatures of each class?

My guesses:


  1. Segnosaurus (Great attack stat and makes the best herbivore hybrid)

  2. Zalmoxes (Makes the second best pterosaur hybrid. Also has an amazing attack stat that makes him extra valuable in my opinion, since glass cannon herbivores are rare)

  3. Antarctopelta (No hybrid but has a very affordable DNA cost for its stats)

  4. Nodosaurus (Makes the second best herbivore hybrid)

  5. Brachiosaurus? (No hybrid but has very good stats all around with a decently affordable DNA cost)


  1. Gryposuchus (Cheap and strong amphibian glass cannon)

  2. Idk. Maybe Eryops because of its very high health stat?


  1. Tupuxara (See: Brachiosaurus)

  2. Ornithocherius (See: Eryops)


  1. Metriacanthosaurus (Very high attack stat and makes the best pterosaur hybrid)

  2. Gorgosaurus (Makes the best amphibian hybrid)

  3. Dilophosaurus Gen 2 (Very high health stat and makes the best cenozoic hybrid)

  4. Ceratosaurus maybe?

I’m not an experienced player at all so feel free to add your thoughts!


Segnosaurus does not make the best herbivore hybrid


Well segno is the best herbi hybrid for its cost

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If your going by ferocity the best for each class is:

Pteranodon gen 2
Kaprosuchus gen 2


These are the ones I would actually make two of:

Eryops - for health
Edmontosaurus - for attack
Gryposuchus - for attack

(At level 40)

Edmont? Even with its cost? :open_mouth:


Lol, I didn’t consider the costs in my recommendation.
You’re right though…I remember that guy being expensive to max and likely poor value for most players.

But out of all of them…those 3 are the ones I actually use.

My goal with my park was to have all of the tournament creatures at level 40. I didn’t even consider if they added value to my park. They are really nice to look at.

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Neither did I, if I had to pick the best of each class based on both cost and stats/cooldown I would say:


But that also comes down to personal preference really.

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I love:
Nodosaurus, Iguanodon, Dracorex
Proterogyrinus, Kapro g2, gryposuchus
Deinonychus, Yutyrannus
Ornithocheirus, Pteranodon g2

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We have similar tastes it seems, although acantho over protero and metria over yuty for me :grin:

I would rather use segnosaurus he also have 1000 attack at level 40 and cost a couple thousand less DNA

I didn’t actually realize how close they were in stats.

So yea! Not good value to make another one.

Best Carnivore Health- Secodontosaurus
Best Carnivore Attack- Metriacanthosaurus
Overall- Troodon/Spinosaurus Gen 2

Best Herbivore Health- Einiosaurus
Best Herbivore Attack- Zalmoxes
Overall- Brachiosaurus

Best Pterosaur Health- Ornithocheirus
Best Pterosaur Attack- Darwinopterus
Overall- Pteranodon Gen 2

Best Amphibian Health- Eryops
Best Amphibian Attack- Gryposuchus
Overall- Kaprosuchus Gen 2

The first two categories are objective, the overall is my opinion on the overall best. Edmontosaurus and Metriacanthosaurus have more ferocity than Brachiosaurus and Troodon/Spino Gen 2 respectively(though not by much) but I value the more balanced stats of Brachio and Spino Gen 2 over the extremes of Edmontosaurus and Metriacanthosaurus. Almost every tournament creature has its purpose though, and some fare better than others depending on the situation. Example would be how despite Kapro Gen 2 being overall better, Eryops is still very useful at going first and tanking enemy blows for the 2nd/3rd finish.