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What are the best VIP creatures?

They share similar stat distributions as far as I understand. Like Pterodactylus and Concavenator, Giant Orthocone, Hyaenodon and Mastodonsaurus etc. Which pair have the best stat distribution?

I like lots of attack, so presto and proc are my go to tournament workhorses with whatever herb in front to sack for points.


Prestosuchus for me. I just love that dino, design, stats attack, fast to recover…


I’m not sure there’s a best since they each have different roles (meat shield, glass cannon, balance). Prestosuchus seems to be a favorite though because of the lack of strong amphibians in the game. Like @Timmah , I like Proceratosaurus too because his attack is insane.

I use them all though because like I said, they all have their roles. It depends on how you set up your teams. If you don’t use meat shields, then you obviously won’t like the Apatosaurus and Tanycolagreus.


The 10k ones, since they are all effectively the same strength there is no significant benefit of a 50k creature over the 10k creature other than perceived scarcity.


I perceived scarcity once. 50k loyalty points for a tarbo!


But which one in the 10k pack? Seems like Prestosuchus is very popular among this forum.

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My preferences as far as VIP jurassic’s go like this.

I like all the amphibs, the game lacks amphibs so I find the VIP amphibs quite useful.

I like apato, that thing is a great lead off meat shield

I like lvl 20 Acrocanthosaurus for tournaments in the 3rd position. Just enough attack to feel like you are not lacking and just enough health that you might be able to take a hit or 2 if you need to.

meh to just about everything else jurassic, the high attack Ptero isn’t bad, Pterodactylus or whatever it is?

The Reef turtle is super useful as there are not really any good reef hybrids
The cave puppy was good for the same reasons as the turtle until the recent addition of the super snake but I still find all the aquatic and ceno VIPs to be useful and handy, they are basically my entire useful lineup for both.


I’m okay with anything other than Panochthus :(. I just keep getting it over and over.

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I don’t have any, not sure how many 10k packs I’ve opened, probably close to 100 and I have yet to get 1. I’d like 4 so i could have 2 lvl 11’s


Presto, metopo, proceratosaur, pteradactylus and eolambia statwise are my favourites, but all comes down to whether you prefer cannons, tanks or balanced really.


For my play style, Apatosaurus is great. Always like to lead with a meat shield. Let him soak up some hits while max the reserve points and try to win with the other 2. Only downside is that carnivores are its weakness, and they are very common


I kept all of mine at level 20.

I don’t play often but these 6 easily get me through unlock tourneys.

First bench is Apato, Tany, Presto

Then I switch to baryonyx, mastodonosarus, pterodactyl.

They are all legit in their own ways


If it comes in a 10k pack it is a good VIP creature, I don’t have a favorite as all of them get used in some portion of the game with the way I play, all of them. People might have a favorite based on how they play the game but if you explore all aspects of the game, each VIP creature has their purpose and place in various instances of game play.


TL;DR all of them. Fantastic CDs, you just gotta collect them where/when you can. Yes, the 10k ones are good, but only from a cost perspective. As a VIP I partake in VIP tournaments and the Raffle and so I’ll never turn down a VIP dino.

As for favorites based purely on looks, Tarbo, Acro, Presto, Metopo, Ptera, Teuso, and Procop.

I abbreviated all them because im too lazy to go hunt down the names of them all.


Actually Procertosaurus has its own stats

What about Concavenator? It has a very similar stat distribution with your examples. Though Acrocanthosaurus seems more popular.

It’s good yeah, but theres nothing quite like proceratosaur carnivorewise, hes a true glass cannon.

I like them all.


Great amphibian in a carnivore-dominated game
Doesn’t require real world money
Fast cooldown
Great VIP statline