What are the biggest differences between you and players you typically face at your level?

My opponents seem to have CONSIDERABLY more DNA of certain dinosaurs than I do. Unfortunately, they’re usually immune, faster than my team, or both.
Meanwhile, I’m looking at my own progress on these…


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Whether the bin chicken dodges 5 times or 6 for my opponent.

Same level. I play a lot though and bought all the level up incubators

I know the pain. I’m sitting in the 3500 to 3600 range almost all my opponents likewise have the more advanced and faster dinos. Not to mention higher lvl. I wish the match maker was better at matching dino levels not just arena rank.

What am I missing? I don’t get it.

Anyway, your team looks good OP. With some work you will pass those other folks, your team is very close to killing it

Coins. Ive never broke 100,000 in coins, but almost everyone I see who posts screenshots has more than 100,000. I don’t spend money on the game, but it hurts seeing how much coin everyone else has.

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Y’all say something about coins?


The biggest difference? I refuse to open with stegod. Can’t say that about over half the people I battle. I also will never play my trago again. Lastly, I barely ever see ourano, and never see sino, so will likely never make dilocheirus or utarinex. I have no idea how people have L24+ of either (or both!) of those.


Huh? I didn’t post my team. Just the current progress on the dinos I myself don’t have made yet but consistently see in the 20-24 range.

My team is the following (Tragod was replaced by Mega because every other Tragod being higher than mine and wanted more flexibility in my team):

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I have decided to use Pyroraptor instead of Velociraptor. Veloci is just… An overused powerhouse, and I want to use dinos that will make Veloci users regret messing with them. Tragod and Gorgosuchus are my best friends, and I want to level them up so I can be on par with those with level 19 and higher Velocis.

Long live Gorgo!

Also, peeps with a level 20 I-Rex. That is a lot of T.Rex DNA, and I barely see her in the wild. Maybe once or twice a week, but even then, it’s like, damnit… I’m not too jealous… But like… Lemme have a chance plz :disappointed_relieved::persevere:

Everyone has Indoraptor in Lockwood. Everyone except me as I have never used him in battle

I am averaging about 40,000 coins per day. Free, no paying. So of course I have over 100,000

Mostly just that my swag is it a much higher level

Imagine my problem being in 4250/4300 with this team.

I start to face some lvl 27 Deus.
I can’t use my mimus cause is level 16.
Same with Tryos.

I still manage to beat hard teams but when Deus appears above 24 it’s really painful for me.

Main differences: my levels are usually lower. My Tactic tends to. be really more imaginative than rival’s and of course not having yet Indoraptor for specific battles would had helped me a lot.

My problem (bouncing from 4.xxx to 3.7xx) is that I don’t have a tank buster, so I need to choose attacks very wisely and hope also my opponent doesn’t have one in his fab 4 fighting dinos.
I pray to unlock Allosinosauro the end of this week… :pray:

My problem is bumping into Stegodeus 4-5 lvls above mine. People really enjoy feeding this thing.

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The main difference I see is that I use Spinotahraptor a lot and hardly anyone else does. In one month of battles I came across 3 people who used it. It’s even replaced my beloved Pyroraptor, which is something I thought I’d never do.

Most people I face have way more usefull uniques than I do and also their indoraptors are way higher level. But for indoraptor problem I can only blame myself. Just havent leveled him.

I have to spend all the coin I earn cause i’m able to level all the dinos I use, but they’re like 50,000-60,000 coins each. :sweat:

Guys having utharinex and trykosaurus at 28 and i cant manage to level uthasinoraptor and dracorex to 20 xd

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