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What are the Hybrids or Dinos that need a benefit?🤨

just out of curiosity, what hybrids or what tell us they need a benefit … or worse, a rework. :no_mouth:

personally there are more than 10 who need it :grimacing: :grimacing:

according to me:[no hybrids]
-T rex

according to me:[hybrids]

I think the Lava Wyvern (aka Alankylosaurus) could use a buff. And replace one of shields with another move. She really doesn’t need three. I’d probably get rid of either Long Invincibility or trade in the Swap-in for a different one.

80% of the hybrids


The game itself.

Utarinex could get the swap in definite strike from it’s dracorex component. It’s currently fairly useless against most uniques but could make a comeback


maybe if you manage to have
-Decelersting strike
-Critic impact
-Distracting rampage
-Instant Charge

[Swap in definitive strike]
it would be more useful than before :wink:

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