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What are the Monostegotops level 1 stats?

I’m thinking of making my first Super hybrid.

Only because I have the most SDNA for a Monostegotops!

However, I’m afraid a level 1 will out class my current line up too much and I’m afraid I might need to hold off.

What is the level 1 stats of a Monostegotops? Does anyone have a screen shot?

I only have 3, so I’d need to make 5 more. And today is a good DNA day to do it. (VIP 30% off.)


Edit: Maybe with this being a one time VIP DNA discount window, I make them all anyway, and if needed, based on the level 1 info here, I’ll wait to make the super hybrid until I am ready.

You can find almost everything you are looking for in @Mary_Jo 's spreadsheet. Ups, I just saw that you were asking for its lvl 1 data, sorry I do not have them.

Screenshot_20200506-161232_Jurassic World

Yeah, I figure I’ll have to wait until someone hatches one and remembers to capture the info.

A lot of the lev 1 info would be helpful, but you only get it after hatching vs looking at a hatched dino to get it.

I made the experience that all super hybrids have the same behaviour in their statistics. I do know level 1 and 10 data of Indoraptor.
Level 1: 3402 / 1772
Level 10: 5103 / 2658

Both, health and attack are at level 10 with a factor of 1.5 higher as at level 1.
Given the level 10 figures of Monostegotops I assume that its level 1 data is 2056 and 643.

No guarantee.


In most cases to give me an idea of ​​its statistics at level 10 or 1, is to look at those of level 40. For level 10. I divide the statistic by 4. For level 1 I divide the statistic by 5.5. I think it is the most approximate. However, I don’t know if it applies to the Superhybrid, I think so. Cheers

Super hybrids do not follow the standard.

Ok, if it is 2056/643, that is about 3985F, which is about 500F higher than my T-Rex at about 3439F. (I’m doing attack 3x + health)

I think I’ll make them and leave the pair somewhere in the mid 20s until my top line up is higher.

Thanks for the info!

Edit again, based on the comment in this thread VIP Discount - 30% Off Land Dinos

I’m now afraid we’ll get a better deal on hybrids later. And now I’m afraid to blow all of my DNA now.

1st world problems.


Here’s a screenshot @Timmah.

@Tommi you hit it right on the head with your prediction.


Thanks! That’s one nice looking dino.

I read the wiki and it seems that every extra superhybrid costs S-DNA, so 2000 monolophosaurus S-DNA to fuse and another 1000 S-DNA to hatch? Are these 1000 S-DNA also monolophosaurus S-DNA?

Yes that is correct you will need half of the SDNA required to fuse a particular Super Hybrid to hatch out additional copies in the hatchery.


All the creatures on the spreadsheet do have links to the Fandom page for their creature. Probably don’t work on the mobile app (which is kind of crappy) but on the desktop you can click on any creature’s name to pop up the link. Most of these Fandom pages have all the level data, particularly anything that’s been in the game awhile. Anyone can add an account to put in additional data on those pages, if you are so inclined.