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What are the odds ... 100 Unique fuse

Almost in shock… I unlocked Mammolania this morning with a 40 fuse which I was extremelly happy about/. Had to farm some Mammoth DNA from sanctuaries over today … and next fuse later I hit a 100 DNA on it to take it to level 22… I didn’t think that was even possible!


whaat! ive only got a 100 on procer, megalosuchus, and erlikogamma, and some other epics

I’ve never gotten a 100 on a unique. I have gotten 70s on Thor and Smilonemys

I got 90 then 60 and 40 in my tryostronix aka zombie dino

I’ve only ever gotten 100 once

Think my best was a single 70 or 80 fuse on erlidom. Was super happy as the golden chicken dna is hard to come by.

Sure would be welcome for my magna fuses lol. Glad you hit the jackpot!

Another F, with my profile pic. Now, buddy, you’ve officially crossed the line.

I got a 100 on Maxima a month ago and I forgave the game for all the pain it had caused me over the past two years :smile:

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I can tell you exactly what the odds are!


I got a 100 on Magna once and had to double check lol.