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What are the plans for Flight Club after Skullcrusher?

Hey mods, I was just curious if y’all know of any plans for flight club rewards down the road. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I’ve recently maxed my Skullcrusher (yay!), but am now really questioning the value of my subscription. 70 runes per day plus 3 energy, 1 sheep, and 10 runes extra from the duty chests is definitely not enough of a perk for $10\month. Are there any plans to add more such as another dragon or something in the arena update?

If I can make some suggestions…
*Flight club should have much better chest rewards than they do. There’s not much difference between my chest and a non-subscription chest.
*Perhaps add another trust dragon and make skullcrusher available to non-subscribers as a regular trust dragon. This way FC has several months of exclusivity but then gets something new to work on.
*Or once you’ve completed Skullcrusher, you get to move on to another dragon individually.

I’ve reached the point where I have very little to work for right now. I’m at player level 50, so there’s nothing to upgrade, I’ve collected most of the 4 star dragons and a few 5s. I’ve gotten all my dupes of toothless and light fury, so I don’t have to worry with their events anymore… So I’m pretty much just doing millions of egg quests just to burn energy these days. I know the arena is coming, but we’re gonna need more to keep interest up in this game that we all love so much :heart:

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My Skullcrusher is almost complete as well. So, I’m planning on canceling my subscription. As you pointed out, there really isn’t enough perks to justify spending $10/month once you complete Skullcrusher.

I’m trying to hold out to see if there’s perks in the arena, but otherwise I’ll probably cancel soon as well.