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What are the triangles things in the incubater

In the battle incubator that you kill 10 pvp Dino’s for what are the triangle things

Those are stat boosts. You can’t start using them until i think lv 10.

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These are your worst enemy and your friend.
Your nightmare and your dream.
Your confusion and your moments of clarity.
Your… you get the point.
They suck.

And welcome!


If you can hold off on using them, do so. They’re expensive to buy from the shop when offered. 500 HC for 25. and at each tier, it gets more expensive to use them on dinos. It’s best to use them on dinos good for their rarity or your end game team. You can use them how you want, but be warned, unless there is a major mess up on Ludia’s part, you won’t get them back after putting them into a dino.