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What are these badges

I see people having these badges where it shows the Jurassic world logo and a year. How do you obtain these badges?

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as far as I can tell, they were just automatically added to players collection to represent the years they’ve been playing


I only got the 2021 badge when I have been playing since launch. The only reason why is because that account is new while I had 2 other accounts before.

yeah, it takes the data from the account being used

And that’s what I call pain

I didn’t get any of them and I started around launch, quit for a while and picked it up again fall of last year, during which I went from around lvl 13 to 20. What were the requirements?

I don’t think there were any… ludia just looked into all the accounts and when they were created and added the badges that correspond to the years that the certain accounts have been playing

I just looked at my profile, and i saw it too i got them now… yesss:

Screenshot_20210605-133118_JW Alive

Okay. So I did get them. I just wasn’t notified in game that I had. Weird.

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