What are these guys doing?


I saw a bunch of these players with ridiculous level and very weak dinos.

Are these guys trying to avoid the ban or did they already reset their account ?


Hard to say…
Might be deliberately dropping arenas.
Might be experimenting with Dinos they’ve never used before in Friendly matches…

But more likely, yeah, accounts got reset. I say that because Dinos don’t usually stay at level one for that long. I really doubt anyone with 3900 Trophies is sitting on a level 1 Diplocaulus.


If accounts got reset, so should their rank, shouldn’t it? :thinking: Otherwise I’m not sure Ludia’s measures are going to be as helpful as they should. Though their rank will surely go down fast, I still think it should have been completely reset.


Maybe not resetting the rank is a punishment; since they’ll have to lose a whole lot before they can ever win again… So no incubators.


Probably JUST started dropping rank due to today’s announcement. I was going to drop for a min. and switched to all 1’s. Then I got bored.


How do you still have 1’s?


How would dropping rank be beneficial?


True, but once they get to level 12s, they will not have to struggle with the long climb back up again. I don’t know which is worse, to be honest, I didn’t consider your point :stuck_out_tongue:


People used to drop rank in order to get DNA for Arena Exclusive dinos they wanted to level up. But I think they changed it so you can get Arena Exclusives at arenas higher than the original arena they appeared in. So there’s less point in dropping rank now.


I was going to try to get Rex DNA when it was an arena 1 exclusive. Then I realized how dumb that is.


Because there are completely useless mons that I darted once because I have OCD.


Man, even the most “useless” ones I’ve seen are like level 4.
And that’s more because I just don’t see them very often than it is because they’re useless.
Everything is XP.


I don’t even have dinosaurs below level 6 anymore. Because even if they are useless, you get more experience per coin spent if you level up low levels :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally have been driving myself nuts just trying to find T-rex I’m old and sad I had to have my daughter show me how to use the features on my phone so the fact that people figured out a way to cheat is amazing to me


This was 3 weeks ago. I still have 3 level 1’s. Good tip on the XP though. Maybe I’ll level them up a bit. :blush:


I think it’s up to level 4 or 5 that you get more exp points. After that point, it’s the same leveling to 6 or leveling to 18, you get the same experience/coin rate.


Word. Thanks for the tips.


Are you involved with the JWA metahub? I thought you were for some reason.


The player i played against dropped from 3600 to 3300 trophies i dont think it is for friendly matches. But it’s strange from ludia resetting dinos but not trophies


Nice punishment tho lol