What are these new green areas on the map

Before the 1.8 install these areas were blue like everywhere else on the game besides a park.

The first pic is actually a park that the game fails to identify as a park before and after the updates despite me sending Ludia all required and requested information to make it one.

The second picture is a cemetery in my area.

At first I thought, maybe they are now considered parks. Until I went 25 miles to a park the game considers a park and noticed the darker shade of green.

So what is this green I’m seeing now that wasn’t there before?

I believe these are grassy areas which, whilst not being classified as parks due to the lacking of park spawns and the darker green, are still depicted as being slightly grassy and different to the unnatural surroundings

Im So distracted by that first picture. The streets at the top look like a lady without a head. :laughing:

On topic, its something I’ve noticed too. I’m not sure. :confused:


Can’t unsee that now :rofl:

Me neither! Rofl :joy:

I was about to post saying the exact same thing lol

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Dont bother sending map change requests to Ludia… they dont control the map… as stated on here by mods before parks are determined by their content creators aka google. Not saying they will actually do anything but you atleast are contacting someone you can actually make the changes…

Back in I think it was march google began adding biome information into the map api so this may likely be Ludia testing out things with that info.


What’s messed up though is in my google maps it’s considered a park. It just isn’t in the game. All of my parks out this way are in google maps but not in the game.

While it is true what you say about the Google Map thing, as an ex-programmer I know its 100% possible for them to add an overlay of code that will treat any part of the map within the area they designate (such as coordinates) as being a park.

That being said they still haven’t even fixed the alliance chat so I cant see them micromanaging a part of the map for specific areas - aside from things that need to be changed in terms of laws and such, like military based of national security related areas.

I provided long and lat the name city county state the website lol everything. I don’t understand why they even ask knowing they won’t do anything about it. That’s pretty pathetic. It’s been months now.

Yeah but from a business perspective their is no upside to Ludia… change one and your setting yourself up to change 100s. On the other hand google is in the business of getting as many non-niantic games on their platform as possible more acurate map.

On top of all that just cause Ludia can technically do something doesnt mean they are allowed to with their contract with google.


I’ve had a few of the “darker green” sections show up in places near me where dinos never spawn. I just figured this was an indicator that this was the case. One is a minimum security women’s prison, for example.

(Whether it’s rightly marked as such or not is another matter)

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