What are they eating?

When you feed a creature in jurassic world the game, the creature itself is shown, well, eating. Herbivorous animals such as sauropods and glyptodonts have their food (in this case, plants) clearly shown. but almost all carnivore dinosaurs, all pterosaurs, and dog-croc amphibians’ food is either shown to be literally nothing in the carnivores’ case (with the exception of the indoraptors and scorpios rex) or completely hidden in the pterosaurs’ and dog-croc amphibians’ case. I was curious as to what they are actually eating, so I took screenshots of the animals’ feeders so that you can explain what you think they are eating.

Omega 09



Large Pterosaur

Large theropod

Small Pterosaur


Medium Pterosaur

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Puke and Vomit

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I doubt they would be eating puke and vomit, but it would be hilarious if they did

The thing you see in the carnivores paddocks is where the food comes out of.

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@Drain I know. But when you look inside there is physically nothing inside. Maybe the food inside depends on the type of dinosaur? (e.g. spinosaurs eating fish)